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Berner Sam has now found a Forever Home

North Coast Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Ohio

July 5th '10 -Today the Northcoast club attempted to place eight year old Sam I AM in a forever home. It was not a good fit for the family or Sam. Sam is now living in my dining room. He is a big boy at 138 lbs. (he could afford to loose a little).VERY sweet and loving despite his circumstances. He is neutered. He has the cleanest teeth I have ever seen. He plays and moves like a puppy. He has great house manners and is good with children. He tolerates other dogs, although he much prefers people. Sam has been loved deeply by his family. His family is an elderly couple with health issues and can no longer care for him. They reluctantly and tearfully gave him up.The rescue person could not leave with him, until she got his full history and looked at his entire photo album. He pulled grandchildren on a sled. Sam has been a major force in their family and now he needs a soft landing. Sam needs an owner that will help adjust to his new environment and continue to make him someone's "special boy".

Thank you in advance for any help, as I know first hand how giving our, "berner community" can be!

Jeannie Bussey
Hidden Oaks BMD's
Hartville, Ohio

I am Sam,
Sam I Am
I have loved there,
I have loved here,
I will love you anywhere!

I will love you tho I am old,
I will love you with my heart of gold!

Hi, My name is Sam I am, tho I don't act or look like it I am 8 years old. My family gave me a buzz haircut for the Summer. I have had a good life. My family took very good care of me and taught me very good manners. I enjoyed giving my family's grandchildren rides on a sled.I have been a therapy dog that read with children at the library and visited clasrooms. I carry my leash to the door when I want to go for a walk.

Sadly my family.. tearfully had to give me up because they could not take care of me because they were ill. I don't mind other dogs, but would rather be at your side.

I am a gentle soul. I would love to be your devoted friend, take you for walks, keep your feet warm, wash your face and love you for the rest of my life!

Sincerely yours, Sam


Sweet Sam Update - On Thursday July 15th Sam had an episode of bloat and had to be rushed in to ER, thankfully by Sunday July 18th he was home again with Jeannie and Bill and on the road to recovery.

Needless to say he accumulated one whopper of a medical bill. We are committed to do what is reasonable for him to recover to a happy, healthy life, without torturing him. If you are in a postion to do so, please consider donating to his medical costs. Most importantly, please remember him in your thoughts and prayers! He is a dear sweet boy and hopefully he will continue to make some lucky family a devoted friend.

Any donations may be directed to The Northcoast Bernese Moutain Dog Club of Ohio, via Kristen Shaw:

Sam Update - July 28th Sam got a clean bill of health today. His heart is back to normal all the concerns for the surgery are clear. When I walked into the clinic they called him "the Miracle Dog". They could not believe how good he looked. Because his stomach is tacked, he can bloat, but not have the life threatening torse.

Because this was our first outing without medical issues, I found out how much Sam loves going bye-bye. He loved everyone he met and loved the car ride. He had to greet everyone. He is down 10lbs as he needed and could use a little more. Sam likes to spend small amounts of time with my dogs in the family room. His very cool personality is shining through.

Sam really needs a forever home. He is allowed to go next week. He is getting very comfortable here and I worry he will get too settled which makes a transition to a new home more difficult for him and us. If you have the right home for Sam please consider adopting him. Sam needs a home 0- 3 dogs at the most. The fewer the dogs the better, because he is an attention hog. He loves to be where you are. A family that is home most of the time. He is a wonderful dog and will make a great "forever friend".

Jeannie Bussey
Hidden Oaks BMD's
Hartville, Ohio

NCBMDCO "Pulling for Sam" Fundraising Raffle RESULTS!
- Wooden Drafting Berner!
August 7th 2010 at the Specialty in Canfield

Update August 25th '10

Sam is finally with his new family. The response for our Sweet Sam at eight years old was incredible. It speaks so much of the generous hearts of our berner community.We had over 60 people demonstrate an interest in Sam. We narrowed it down to five wonderful families, then three families. The final decision was made based on what was best for Sam. The deciding factors hinged on 4 things: his owners were home most of the time, he would be the only pet, he could go to the vet that performed the surgery and they were closest to the area in case of any problems. My grandson Hunter shared with me that Sam would have to be able to spend time with kids, because he loves them so much.The decision was very difficult because all the families were exceptional, generous people, willing to go to incredible lengths to help Sam. People willing to drive days to pick him up. One woman in particuliar offered so much of herself.

Sam's new family is a retired couple, living in a beautiful park like setting. They have went to incredilble lengths to accomadate their dogs needs. They have had to deal with serious pet health issues in the past. They recently lost a beloved dog named Maggie.Sam and the family instantly bonded. It wasn't long before he was on his back getting belly rubs and making appreciative noises.Once they found out that Sam was coming to their home they purchased and read books on bernese. They have joined the club and plan on attending meetings with him. Sam will get spoiled by grandchildren on a regular basis. When I visualize Sam in their home, I feel that there was some secret plan all along, that just needed time to unfold. Everyhing happened for a reason to fit neatly in a puzzle.They will heal each other's hearts.

Watching Sam leave was a mixed blessing. He happily jumped in their van, but cried out loudly as they pulled away and when he realized I was not with him. They said he cried for about a block, but then laid down and went to sleep. My husband, Bill sadly arrived late and deeply disapointed he missed Sam. He had stopped at the pet store to get Sam a care package. The family called later to say they were all in love and things could not have gone smoother when they got home. He took a nice walk with them and followed them everywhere. I know they will all spoil each other. It has been a bumpy road for Sam to get him to his new life, but he has arrived and that is all that matters.

I deeply appreciate to all the the people that have generously given their time, money and prayers for this sweet soul. So many said that Sam had touched their hearts in a special way, as he did ours. I cannot say thank you enough to everyone for caring for Sam, when so many would have given up on him. I am so proud to part of such a wonderful group of people....

Sherry, a special thank you for all the support, for letting me get your shoulder wet and the late night emergency calls. And to Joan, Tom, Candy, Vilma and Hanne for going the extra miles.And mostly to my husband Bill for never complaining, especially about your cancelled vacation and plans.

Jeannie Bussey
Hidden Oaks BMD's
Hartville, Ohio

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