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Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs Gallery of Friends

Happy 9th Birthday Chase!

Casmor's Storm Chaser V Vonengel

Born April 24th 2001

B-G Dog ID = 37733

With thanks to Nell and John Ward for these happy pics!

Here are some pictures. I had a hard time picking, although she would not have picked the hat pose.
She has the most gorgeous, soulful eyes. She hopes to see you in WI.

Introducing Summer!

Owl Creek's a Midsummer Night's Dream

Born July 10th 2009

B-G Dog ID = 67758

We are delighted to welcome Summer to our family. We met her on her 9-month birthday at her breeders - Patty & Mike Dabbert in Ohio. What a delightful, playful, well-behaved girl she is. Isn't she beautiful?

Here is the first meal in our camper. That's Chase in the background and Chase's food on the counter. Patty said that Summer will eat anything that doesn't eat her first.

Crossing the North Carolina state line with her new Daddy.

{short description of image}

Probably Summer's first trip across the deck - Notice the yellow pollen under the drip line - (if you are not allergic when you move to North Carolina you will be soon). The bay window is 'officially' in the living room but we eat there looking out at the creek. Summer finds the view of our plates better than the creek.

During Summer's first day here. John recovering from driving for days. The headboard is decorated with needle work done by my grandmother, Nellie, who I did not know. We found this work when we were moving my parents out of their house of 52 years. I was determined that treasures like this would not be left in a drawer for the next generation to find, so we had it made into a headboard.

Meeting CJ and Pilgrim on the Pets on Rugs

With her new sister, Chase

Summer is a toy dog. Our first in years. This was one of her first selections - a hive with 3 bees.

Summer's new family - Nell & John Ward - Chase & Summer. A friend said that it was good to see our family back to full-strength. I agree!

I've never actually seen two dogs play with the same stick before. Chase can run with Summer very well.
Which is good since we can't run very fast. Our flower beds look like they have been roto-tilled.

- LOL! Nell, check out my Barney and Simmy and Sunny!:-) - Jean

Thanks to Kim and Sherry for this wonderful, still-young puppy, Chase,
and Patty & Mike Dabber for new kid on the block, Summer!

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