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Zeigen Yarrah

Born July 21st 2009

With thanks to Gael Goldsack for these wonderful pics of her new Berner puppy
taken by her breeder, Kim Haddon, just before she left for the airport to fly to Sydney.

At 9 weeks with her pink vetwrapped leg

At 10 weeks, looking pensive

{short description of image}
At 11 weeks with her first "big" bone

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At 12 weeks

Tilly sure is a Big Girl now and getting more adventurous

Tilly aged 14 wks

Tilly had a wonderful morning playing in a friend's garden (mostly in the fish pond and the water bowls) with her 2 Collie dogs. The pic below shows her wet, except somehow she managed to keep her white bib clean, doing a lovely sit, stay on the top step. She is having trouble keeping her tongue in her mouth right now as she has lost her lower baby canine teeth and the adult ones are just showing through. As you can see, she is full of mischief and constantly on the go, but I wouldn't be without her for quids.

Tilly, December '09 now almost five months

for Tilly's Christmas Greeting 2009
<click here>

Tilly aged 6 mths

Jan. 21st 2010 Tilly is growing nicely and has about half of her adult coat (still lots of ear fuzz) and all her adult teeth. Her bite is good - almost level. She has the most gorgeous dark eyes I have ever seen on a Berner. I can hardly believe they will be 6 months old this week! She weighs 21kg and is quite tall and lean and is still as cheeky as ever. She is now taller than all the Border Collies we meet. Her training is going well and she is keeping up with the advanced puppy group, even though she still hasn't quite finished the 6 basic puppy classes. She was moved (expelled) into the advanced group from the basic group after 3 weeks as she was somewhat ahead of the others and was being distracted by the agility training at the other end of the field.

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