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Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs Gallery of Friends

Stella's Frosty Paw Party!

13th April 2009

Keith and Randy's Berner Girl

"Well in most of the world it is Monday April 13th 2009, and to this I wanted to wish Stella Linren Del Sol or Big Girl Stella as you know her a Happy, happy healthy 1st. Birthday! To my Berner Group Friends, I cannot believe it has been over a year since I met all of you and thank you for all your help along the way! We are having a Frosty-Paws Birthday Party later tonight and I will be sure to get some photos posted!

The party is just us, but it is better then nothing for her.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG DROOLY GIRL! WE LOVE YOU!

Daddy's Keith, Randy, Brother Joey, Phoenix, Arizona

P.S. if you wondered why her name is what it is: Stella , just because, Linren is for Linda & Renee her 2 Grandma's and Del Sol "of The Sun" for her brightness and beauty!"

"I'm 1 yrs old today, I'm a Big Girl now.
Party Hats and Frosty Paws!"


{short description of image}
Stella, this is not a race!

Guess who finished the Frosty Paw first?

For Stella's baby pics and more:

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