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Recent Updates May 25th 2015

For the latest news on Jean, her Bernese Mountain Dog, Ida, and the rest of the Gang.

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Bernese Mountain Dogs, Pixie and Ida My Gang Fundraising Histio Roll Call
  • RIP Teton November 10th 2006 to November 29th 2014
  • RIP Riley October 26th 2007 to April 13th 2015
DM Roll Call
  • RIP Lele December 8th 2004 to July 23rd 2013
  • RIP Tiara June 28th 2003 to November 20th 2012
Celebrating our Berner Veterans aged
  • Happy 11th Birthday Angel born April 22nd 2004
  • Happy 11th Birthday Joye born April 30th 2004
  • Happy 12th Birthday Gigi born May 3rd 2003
  • Happy 12th Birthday Lilja born May 3rd 2003
  • Happy 11th Birthday Cooper born May 19th 2004
  • Happy 12th Birthday Spenser born May 23rd 2003
  • Introducing Diamond born May 28th 2002
  • Introducing Sophie born July 31st 2004
  • In Loving Memory of Lily October 21st 2002 to May 16th 2015
Friends Gallery - Page 7 In Loving Memory
  • RIP Hunter April 20th 2007 to January 12th 2015
  • RIP Scarlett August 16th 2008 to March 22nd 2015
  • RIP Cubby February 9th 2003 to January 9th 2012
Bernese Art Gallery
  • Needle felting - How to make a little BMD sculpture in a few easy steps
Berner Shop Berner Articles and Info Humour Fun Stuff to do with your Berners National Specialties, Shows and Event

Berner-l Photo of the Day

Lost and Found

since April 18th 2015
Middletown NY

Poisonous Mushroom Alert!

Cosby and her daughter Bella
This time in Gilroy, California

Death Cap Mushroom poisoning, see also,
Romeo 5-15-10 to 7-26-12
Donato's Mushroom Flyer
Pennsy's Mushroom Flyer

Rescue Logo

BMD Rescue Bulletin Board
for our Berners in need of
"Forever Homes"

Bernese Mountain Dogs, Sim, Sunny & Barney

Pics above, check out
Willem's Page on Berner Art

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