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Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs Gallery of Friends


Bosley Tickles Me Pink

Born December 28th 2003

B-G Dog ID =20345

With thanks to Lisa Hawes for these wonderful pics!

This boy gets around in true seasonal style!

Bosley was diagnosed w/ "lower motor neuron disease and laryngeal paralysis" the end of March '10 and still get around okay (not pretty, but he manages) in the house and yard, but we had to come up w/ an alternative form of transportation for him to get around the neighborhood as he's dearly missed his walks and the active lifestyle we'd always led with him and BernieBob (our other BARC boy who we lost at only 4.75 yrs. of age, also to a neurologic disease on July 25, 2009).

And, of course, we HAD to get Bosley a personalized
license plate for his wagon!!

When Bernz started becoming symptomatic, that was the end of our long walks at the lake, etc. as Bernz couldn't do them anymore; then, before we lost Bernz, Bosley was beginning to show signs that something was wrong, so the last 1 1/2 yrs. of our lives has been lived coping w/ disease and making the best we can of whatever time God sees fit to give us with our precious boyz. We got Bosley when he was 15 weeks old on April 24, 2004, driving round-trip from TX to KS in like 21 hours.

We then adopted BernieBob on May 27th, 2005, and he flew into our lives from NY state where he'd been rescued from a pet shop when he was 5 mos. of age. He arrived in TX about a week before he turned 7 mos. old.

Bosley and Bernie, my gigantic boyz, like mutt-n-jeff (both 30-31 in. tall, weighing 125-130 lbs.)

{short description of image}

Here is one more of the two of them that is a real favorite of mine. We used this photo of Bernie (zoomed in head shot) for his portrait that we had commissioned after his death. It was taken at Kevin & Shari Curran's ranch in East Texas where we used to have annual Lone Star BMD Club meetings. Bernie is, in fact, buried out there in their pet cemetery. He dearly LOVED going out there as they had all sorts of animals--pygmy goats, miniature ponies, big horses, etc...and Bernie had such a gentle way with the animals. Okay, now I have to attach another photo so you can see Bernie with a colt while the colt's momma keeps a close eye out to ensure Bernie minds his manners (No worries, momma!).

In Loving Memory of


BARC's I'm No Saint, CGC

November 7th 2004 to July 25th 2009

Our first Angel-Berner...
"You stole our hearts, my big man, and they are yours forever.
We love you to the moon and back, baby doll!"

B-G Dog ID=25308

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