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Lewa's Pink Lady Betty Rizzo

Born January 6th 2009

With thanks to Ellen Lauber for these pics of their Berner puppy

B-G Dog ID = 68743

Rizzo, 5 weeks old

I had been meaning to send you pictures of my "new' Berner baby who is now 9 months old! Time flies, right? After I lost my first dog and love, Harper last year I knew my Berner boy Huxley and I would need another furry body in the house. I first saw Rizzo when she was 2 hours old and proceeded to visit her every couple of weeks until picking her up at 8 weeks old! She is a wonderful puppy and full of life! Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with bilateral elbow dysplasia and is now 7 weeks post surgery. Hopefully, she will continue to recover well and get stronger. She doesn't know anything is wrong with her, she just knows that I carry her down steps and she's always leashed when outside. She still give Huxley a hard time - sitting on his head, stealing his treats and she has always had the sweetest disposition despsite her elbow problems! The first picture is her at 5 weeks old and the second is 8 weeks old the day after I picked her up. She LOVED the snow - even at that young age!

Rizzo, 8 weeks old

Rizzo at 8 weeks and big Brother Huxley (5 yrs) 2 days after they met

Rizzo at 7 months old

For more pics of Berner Brother Huxley
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