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Zev and Sari

With thanks to Marty Taub for this pic of Zev and his 1/2 sister Sari

January 21st 2010 - Sadly Zev was recently diagnosed with malignant histiosarcoma,
"He is eating well these days (taking ant-nausea pills) and I feed him mostly protein (no Kibbles), he has had 2 chemo treatments, (CCNU/Lomustine) and it seems to have reduced a 11 cm long tumor to 3 cm near his right front shoulder. He is a brave soul and looks to me for his comfort"

Our thoughts and paryers are with Marty and Zev that this Berner continues to do well!

Zev singing!

Jan. 22nd '10 - "It was Zev's 6th Birthday yesterday, and I always make it a special day for him.But, this last one was very special!!! I made an 18 lb. turkey, had friends and my daughter attend and I gave ZEV the lean white meat with brown rice and he topped it off with a bone marrow..Chewing has always been his forte, and after all these weeks of ups and downs, he was able to enjoy.

He has an unbelievable affection for music, singing, talking and loves dancing around with me. When it is possible, he has come around to my back and affectionately stands up and puts his legs around my shoulder, and we carouse around the room to the beat of the music.""

"I got Zev at 8 weeks old, and both he and Sari have made such an impact on my everyday living, they take out the ordinary and make it special!

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