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Original Literature By Me


Essays, Stories, Scripts, etc.
Love by One is All I Need A Little Child
Is He All 4 U? In the Bank
A Poet's Agony Lori Cox
The Eagle Float the Buffalo!
The of Life Burns Inside Chataholic
The Free Prisoner The Controllers
Friends In Christ Essay on Dolphins
The Inner Battle U Wanna Scary Story?
Where is the Line? What's New You Ask?
God is Love An Unfinished, Untitled Story
Love is a CraZy Thing! R U Y2K Compliant?
Marriage SCC...He's on the Adventure of an Eternity
Buncha Different Poems Sexist Language?
Mosaic All Creatures R not Animals
Multi Verses A Tale of 2 Cities..
Of True Love Waits...
Poems For Him Vastness Unsurpassed
The Safari is a Dangerous Place Just Walk On By
Diamonds on the Velvet Sky By The Window
I Surrender For Eternal Life Is Mine Ready For a New Imaginative Story?
R U a Light? One Person Can Make A Difference
Today Pictoral Story
When You Came AR State Park Adventures
Jesus Saved Me!!! Far From Home
When You Came The First Day
A Witnesses Prayer  
Who or What do You Worship?  
He is my Lord...Is He Yours?  
The World Spins  


Other's Literature

Musk in Winter

The Question by Susan Morris