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The truth about internal cleansing and how to detoxify all body systems safely and effectively.


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As a wellness counselor of many years, and someone who practices what I preach, I have come to respect the benefits of an internal cleanse and the overall healing effect of a good detox. For example, a good colon cleanse can go a long way toward helping the body correct chronic constipation, assuming there are no underlying medical conditions involving the colon. However, there are limits to what even the best program can do and there are certain things a detox can never do for you.

Detoxification through any form of natural product, while generally beneficial in the otherwise healthy person, is NOT a quick fix for a bad lifestyle and there are detox cautions about which you need to be aware. The body detox information presented here is, at best, a temporary measure for better health if undergone without a commitment to positive change afterwards. The articles you will find below provide comprehensive information on internal cleansing, including:

* How to find the best detox program

* How to avoid or minimize the healing crisis during detoxification

* How to determine between the different kinds of cleanses, which ones you may need (colon, parasite, blood, lymph, liver, skin, etc.)... and much more.

Getting internally clean is only the beginning of vibrant health and wellbeing: Detoxing the body helps restore healthy digestion and elimination. However, the real key to eliminatory and digestive health lies in consistent good practices that include:

* Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet
* Getting good, restful sleep
* Maintaining a regular, moderate exercise routine
* Getting an adequate daily intake of pure water (I do best with half purified water and 1/2 purified alkaline water, personally. I use a Seychelle filter to cleanse my water.)
* Foregoing fast foods and junk foods
* Successfully Managing Stress
* Maintaining healthy bacteria - Probiotics help, particularly if over age of 40 - I use Acuflora or eat Stonyfield organic Greek Yogurt.

Increasing Detox Benefits: In addition to detoxing regularly in a safe, effective way, I encourage you to pursue health through positive lifestyle changes so that, after the cleanse is over, you continue to stay internally decongested. Even the best detox program cannot replace healthy eating and living. As long as you are putting toxic foods and drinks into your body, you are reversing the effects of your internal clean up, even as you go thru it.

Internal cleansing can't be used as a cure-all. Ideally, you'll make detoxifying and healthy foods a regular part of your every day lifestyle. Still, occasionally you'll need an extra boost, especially if you're suffering from digestive issues such as constipation or gas and bloating.

Eliminatory health begins in the colon so normal bowel movements is vital. If colon congestion is an issue, and you are otherwise healthy, a good colon cleanse is a great way to jump start your body's natural detoxification processes. Give yourself the precious gift of self-love and your internal cleanse experience will be a life-affirming choice.

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Detoxing Mercury from Amalgam Fillings - The debate rages on as to whether amalgam fillings are truly harmful. On one side, there are the dentists who say the amount of mercury released is safe. Some say no mercury releases unless there is damage to fillings, which is entirely false. Others want mercury banned as an ingredient in amalgam fillings. I'm in the last camp after experiencing, first hand, a host of unpleasant health challenges after getting fillings in 1978.

I've spent months researching how to detox mercury safely. I hope you find something of benefit but caution you that there are many factors to consider and you should not just jump into this process. If you mobilize (release) more mercury than you can eliminate, you may end up with even worse toxicity as it settles somewhere else. There's a lot to read and a lot to consider so while I know it's counterintuitive to go slow when your life seems to be threatened but I'd advise it.

Detox to feel better about yourself and your life and you will find that detoxing your body reinforces healthy decisions in other areas of your life. On the other hand, if you turn to internal cleansing as a quick fix for a chronic problem or while continuing a lifestyle that does not support healthy diet and elimination, the results of even the best detox program available will be be temporary. The choice is yours. Learn how to detox and learn how to live healthy. Now, that's a winning combination!

Internal Cleansing is not a cure-all:
Something I stress repeatedly when counseling folks on internal cleansing is that detoxing is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix for bad habits. If you detoxify, apart from making the lifestyle changes that may be needed to support a healthier eliminatory system, detoxing will not deliver the same level of health benefits that can be available through internal cleansing on a regular basis.

If you are serious about creating better health through detoxing the body, learn to practice wellness on a daily basis in your daily life, for optimal results. If you have a health challenge and are hoping a cleanse will help the body address it, be sure you also look at other ways you may be able to assist your body in healing itself instead of expecting to get healthy through detoxing alone.

Detoxing Disclaimer: These health education articles on detoxification are not a replacement for any needed medical attention for colon problems. If you are under a doctor's care for IBS, colitis, diverticulitis or any other colon issue, check with your doctor before undergoing a cleanse. If you have diverticulitis, in most cases, a cleanse is contraindicated so check with your doctor first. Internal cleansing releases toxins and waste, sometimes quite rapidly. Do not undergo a detox diet or program or an internal cleanse unless you understand that a temporary healing crisis can result.