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Terramin montmorillonite clay
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Product Review of Terramin montmorillonite clay powder


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I ordered this particular Terramin clay product from amazon. I receive no discount or free product for this review.

I'm no stranger to detoxing. I have educated folks about the benefits of clearing toxins from the body on a regular basis since the early 90's. I have also used various types of detoxing clays, from bentonite to French Green to Kaolin. I had not tried montmorillonite clay but decided to try it after reading about some of the detox benefits.

Montmorillonite Clay Benefits: Partial list of reported benefits. I don't know if it's true of all this type of clay but the Terramin clay has a negative-ion charge and a high alkaline ph. It kills pathogens in the body and helps support healthy immune function. The Terramin brand has been tested and shown to completely remineralize the body. This is a big one for me because I'm aware of how mineral-poor a lot of our farm lands are. I also read that montmorillonite clay may help the body get rid of glyphosate and I'm all for trying anything natural that might help detox that poison from my body. Use of this clay may also prove helpful for digestive issues and skin problems as well as constipation (assuming you drink lots of water when you take it). Most recently I found this clay to be beneficial in helping me with a reaction from using a mercury-binding mouthrinse. The clay helped a lot with what I felt might be a mercury dump that overloaded my system.

A Cup of Clay, Anyone? The thought of drinking clay in water was not one I relished. I was pleasantly surprised when I added the Terramin clay, composed of negatively charged ions, to water. It dissolved better than any of the other clays I had tried. Then, came the taste test. Wow. It was virtually tasteless and I got an immediate "yes" from my body when I swallowed the first sip. My body wanted these minerals and this alkaline ph substance.

The first thing I noticed is one of the first things I also notice when I drink alkaline water. I felt more energy and lighter. The next thing I noticed was a definite colon cleanse effect the next day. I'd advise starting with a low dose because it was almost diarrhea but oddly, that was the only day the clay had that effect. I started with only about a 1/4 teaspoon dose but I did also do the detxoing bath that same day. That may have been what caused the rapid cleanse effect. After that first day, I haven't experience that level of colon release again.

IMPORTANT WHEN DRINKING DETOXING CLAYS: Be sure you pure water and lots of it throughout the day, particularly when drinking montmorillonite clay or other cleansing types of clay. Water helps the body detox more readily and also helps keep you from getting dehydrated or constipated from the absorbing quality of detoxing clays.

Natural plaque remover? One of the biggest surprises happened after I had only drank a little of the clay. I had some plaque build-up on the back of my front teeth. I admit it was kinda terrible because I had been drinking coffee without a straw for a number of years and had not realized it had built up so much there. I had already tried several natural plaque removers I read about online, including the not-natural PLAK. PLAK actually worked but since it contained sorbitol I ended up with a sore mouth and swollen lips and gums so I had to stop using it.

After just a couple of doses of Terramin clay, a rather large chunk of this hardened plaque just came off. I was amazed. Of course, it could be coincidence but after all the natural approaches I've tried, and the Plak product as well, I don't think so. As I've continued swishing the clay in my mouth before swallowing, I notice the remaining plaque is softening and reducing day by day. If that were all that happened, the clay would be well worth the money.

However, that is not all I feel happening. There is a definite detox effect going on. I am feeling lighter and with more energy, more clear-headed and feeling less aches and pains with each day I use this product. I also have been putting a few tablespoons of it in a detoxing bath every 2 or 3 days. Of course, I've only been using the Terramin montmorillonite clay powder for a few weeks. If I can find the time, I'll update this site after a month or so but for now, I will just say I'm completely satisfied with this product and feel that it has definite detox properties, has an excellent negative ion benefit that can be felt when taken, and has a noticable alkalizing effect on my system.

Update 7/27/2016: I'm now on my second container of Terramins clay and I like it just as much now as I did at the beginning. I love to add it to my bath on occasion and sometimes pack it around my amalgam fillings after eating because chewing increases the release of mercury vapors from amalgam fillings. In addition, I still take it internally on occasion. I like this stuff a lot!

Identifying unhealthy bowel movements: Learning to recognized unhealthy bowel movements can help you in determining when your body needs internal cleansing.

Detoxing Disclaimer: The popular stance of modern medicine is that the body does not need to be detoxed, that nature takes care of that process. At one time, that may have been very true. The level of toxins and pollution in our world today have changed the landscape and I have experienced far too many noticable benefits from detoxing to discount it. That being said, detoxing can tax the body as it releases toxins and a temporary healing crisis is always a possibility. There are things you can do to reduce risk of healing crisis and safely detox. If under a doctor's care please check with your doctor before undergoing a detox or cleanse.

Terramin montmorillonite clay review Reviewed by Neva Howell. Terramin montmorillonite clay powder My review of negative-ion-charged Terramin montmorillonite