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What Are The Common Symptoms
of a Healing Crisis While Detoxing?

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What is the difference between cleanse side effects and a healing crisis? What are the symptoms of a healing crisis?


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This is part of a series on intestinal cleansing. In part one we talked about colon cleanse side effects. In part two, we discussed intestinal cleansing tips to help you enjoy an effective and safe cleanse experience. In part three, we talked about reasons our colon may become toxic. If you have reached this page directly, it may be helpful to read parts one and two before continuing with this section on symptoms of a healing crisis.
Healing Crisis Basics:

Normal detox symptoms typically last one to three days max, with the worst day usually being the first and may include any or all of the intestinal cleansing symptoms mentioned in part one of this colon health article series .... bad breath, intestinal discomfort (not pain), achiness, fatique, gas, bloating, etc.

A true healing crisis is much more likely to occur when doing a full body detox or internal cleanse than when just going thru an intestinal cleansing program alone. However, if your colon is really congested, or if you have intestinal parasites, a healing crisis could possibly occur with a colon cleanse as well.

The Difference Between Detox Symptoms and a Healing Crisis:
If the symptoms last beyond 3 days or become more intense than what would be expected as normal, you may be having what is called a healing crisis.

A healing crisis occurs when there is more than normal congestion, eliminatory toxicity, or system congestion. In these cases, a detox program may trigger the body system into releasing toxicity faster than the eliminatory organs can handle the discharge of the toxic materials.

What makes a healing crisis differ from typical instesintal cleansing symptoms are both duration and severity.

A healing crisis may last longer than 3 days (typically no more than a week) and the symptoms may be severe enough to disrupt normal activity until the healing crisis has passed. You may see mucous in the stool or experience loose stools during a healing crisis.

Healing Crisis Symptoms:
* Feeling as you have the flu which may include sinus congestion, stuffy head, achy muscles and fever
* Fatique so potent you have to rest
* Mild nausea (severe nausea might mean liver or gallbladder overload in a full body cleanse or other underlying issues - stop cleanse immediately and check with doctor if experiencing severe nausea on a cleanse)
* Lack of appetite or, if yeast and/or parasites are dying, cravings for sugary foods
* Body aches
* Lymph congestion and discomfort, sore throat
* Sweating
* Joint pain
* A general feeling of malaise.

Normally, a healing crisis will resolve on it's own if you drink plenty of good water, eat light during the cleanse and rest as needed. Most who go through a healing crisis report feeling quite wonderful after it is over, a sure sign that the body was doing it's best to rid itself of toxins that needed to be gotten rid of.

If you know you have any type of colon health issue whatsoever, you should check with your doctor before ever starting a cleanse or detox program of any kind. If the effects of any cleanse become too intense, or if you pass blood, stop the cleanse immediately.

Colon Health Disclaimer: The information contained in this health care article on healing crisis symptoms is not intended to take the place of any needed medical attention. Continuing a cleanse if you suspect you may be in a healing crisis is a choice you make at your own risk. If you have any diagnosed bowel problem whatsoever, please check with your doctor before undergoing a cleanse or detox of any kind.