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Experimental Gene Therapy

I would willingly take the experimental mrna gene therapy shots for health conditions that apply to me when the following criteria are met.....

1. Sufficient double-blinded studies are done with TRUE placebos, (inert, harmless substances such as saline) rather than running one reactive formula against another reactive formula (like using another vaccine as the "placebo").

"A placebo, saline, for example, as an injection is inert and the reason why we would use saline as a placebo for injection is because we know that there will be no adverse events associated with injecting saline. In this way, we may reasonably, more accurately, compare these non-effects to say, the effects emerging from an injection with an experimental drug." Jessica Rose

2. There is INDEPENDENT oversight of quality (from a respected entity (other than the company making the product, which is a clear conflict of interest), manufacturers must prove consistency in batches and manufacturers must face financial and legal consequences for any meaningful inconsistency. There is broad inconsistency in the mrna shot batches.

3. Mrna companies are independently monitored by a respected, uninvested party with no conflict of interest or investment in the vaccine industry and all manufacturers agree to make available vials from as many lots as the monitoring company deems necessary to ascertain what is actually in the vials and at what concentrations, as well as to establish consistency across batches.

4. Mrna companies are required to list every single ingredient in every single product (like SV40 and DNA amounts in final product, for example) and to prove BOTH safety and efficacy ON ALL INGREDIENTS USED before release. They must never again put out a product with a "left intentionally blank" insert.

5. Mrna gene-based therapies are independently (apart from studies done by the makers themselves - clear conflict of interest) proven safe and effective LONG TERM and are studied for biodistribution issues, specific dangers for pregnant women, babies and children, long term expression, tumorigenicity, shedding, genome integration and other safety signals.

So far, safety has not been proven (as evidenced by more reported adverse effects from mrna shots for covid than for all other vaccines combined since vaccines existed, despite the ongoing removal of reports from the VAERS database) and efficacy has utterly failed (as evidenced by breakthru infections, even among those who had two shots and two boosters).

6. A new category for mrna injectables is established to differentiate from traditional vaccines and make clear to recipients that what they are receiving (or their child or their pet or their farm animal is receiving), is not a traditional vaccine.

7. Mrna pharmaceutical companies stop using toxic adjuvants such as aluminum, mercury and formaldehyde AND long term studies are done on the newer emulsion adjuvants, nanolipids and PEG now being injected into humans, and the LONG TERM effects of same.

8. The passing and enforcement of policies prohibiting anyone in a position of authority concerning vaccine or gene therapy shot safety and efficacy, to be heavily invested in the products they are supposed to be inspecting and approving. No conflict of interest among those whose duty it is to protect our health, as far as vaccines and gene therapy injections are concerned.

9. There are long term studies done on EVERY new mrna shot, to recognize emerging patterns of harm, not just the first in a series of shots targeting different strains of a virus. When a different formulation comes out, the exact requirements to prove efficacy and safety as previous formulations.

10. Censorship of respected doctors and scientists stops. Credentialed doctors and scientists with different views on mrna technology and gene therapy shots are allowed to present their research to the public and not be censored or have their entire careers derailed for reporting medical observations and research.

11. Bill Gates is not allowed to use his money to buy influence in medical matters or to have any authoritative voice at all regarding health, food or agriculture, and certainly no special arrangements with drug companies that steer or direct the companies in a way that benefits him. He has never been qualified to have that much influence over which health care products come our way. He is not a doctor or a scientist and should have no say whatsoever in my health care.