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Welcome to the Wellness Library!

Ask a Healer Content by unless otherwise credited.

Thank you for sharing time with me today. My name is Neva. My profile in the Human Design structure is 6/3 Generator in the third stage of my life. I know what doesn't work. I've learned it all my life, by trial and error (most often by finding everything that doesn't work!) and by undertaking a personal path of healing. I'm the creator of this health and wellness resource. Most of the articles in our library are personally researched and written by me. I hope you find something of genuine value while visiting the wellness library. This is an educational website and nothing here is intended to replace medical evaluation, testing or treatment.

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Who will this information benefit?
Those who are already using natural remedies and/or a nutritional approach to healing will probably resonate with this information more than those immersed in the "medical model". The reader who might be most aligned with the wellness library material would be one who is both actively involved in their own healing process through the use of natural remedies, willing and able to assume the risks and benefits of self-treatment and willing to address spiritual and emotional factors that may be impacting physical health.

However, because I know some of my visitors may rely on western medicine, I also provide information on prescription drugs and treatments that may be helpful. For those who are trying to intergrate natural remedies into an existing prescription drug situation, there are definite cautions and interaction potentials to consider and, while no one site can list them all, I do what I can to help.

Whichever path you take to wellness, I hope there will be something of value here for you. That being said, the ideal target audience for this information consists of those who are already practicing healthy eating and a holistic health lifestyle. The Ask a Healer Wellness Library will be of particular interest to those who walk a spiritual path and understand that emotions, mental health, spiritual health and physical health are all intricately related. I thank you for visiting the wellness library today. Neva

Before you self-treat ...
I'm sort of a human guinea pig in that I self treat. I haven't seen a doctor in several decades and have no plans to see one except in acute life-threatening emergency. I understand the risks of this decision. I do not advocate that anyone, anywhere, do what I'm doing. If you come to the same conclusions about the western medicine approach to treatment as have I, you may be considering self-treating. If so, know that you face risks and that you must be willing to self-monitor and self-educate. In other words, you are taking responsibility for your decisions with this or any other information you read. Nothing here is intended to replace the guidance, evaluation or treatment suggestions of your doctor.

By necessity I use words that have been created by the scientific and medical industries to describe conditions of dis-ease (absence of ease) within the body. For me, it's important to leave labels and names off and consider any imbalance in the body to be temporary, there for a reason that can be explored, and reversible.

What if there is no "disease"?
What if there are only symptoms when the body is out of balance and these are given a name and treatment protocol by western medicine? Germs and bacteria are with us and in us all the time; they may create symptoms in one person while another, also exposed, has no symptoms. A healthy human body - healthy in mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical terms - is divinely designed to be an unappealing host for bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc.

Labels and names may be useful for purposes of explaining what is going on in the body at a particular time but when that label is taken on as something we "have", we develop far more of an identification and relationship with it than is helpful, in my experience. If we "have" cancer, then we also have everything that is said about it and carry all of that out the door with us. It's a lot to carry, in addition to feeling ill. Treatment protocols may provide information on starting to nurture the body toward healing but if they are accepted as "the way" we may miss better choices for our particular situation.

A negative prognosis (nothing can medically be done; death likely) may have it's place if a person is ready to leave, ready to pass, by giving them a window of opportunity to set their affairs in order. However, if the doctor's pronouncement of a condition as "terminal" becomes Truth for the person who may not be ready to leave (perhaps someone who is getting a wake up call about their life), then recovery may be impacted by that decision alone. If a doctor (with the entire weight of the AMA behind his white coat) defines a condition along with the prognosis of death, and hands that package of information to the patient as the only reality, that patient walks out the door carrying that diagnosis, beginning to resonate at the vibrational frequency of that diagnosis and, eventually, becoming that diagnosis.

Abundant Life Series
Like so many others, I have spent a fair amount of my life working, making a living, generating income to pay bills and buy food. I've had prosperous times and very lean times and I prefer prosperity! Part of the intent behind the wellness library is toward offering information which may assist you in living your most abundant life. If we bounce around on this little blue ball long enough, we begin to realize that it ain't all about money, despite the fact that everything around us suggests money is the ultimate goal for an abundant life. A new structure is developing, for deciding what gives value.

You may enjoy reading my ebook on the subject of abundance. It's called Abundance, the New Way. The ebook is a sharing of some of the things I've learned about abundance and prosperity, is now available online now. I share the numerous spiritual explorations of poverty and abundance and give encouraging markers and tips on refining your perfect abundant life.

Ebook on HSV
Since 1 in 4 intimately active people have been diagnosed with HSV-1 or HSV-2 , it's not surprising that there is a lot of interest about this topic on health-related resources such as the wellness library. Over the years, I've gathered a lot of information on it and now offer an ebook on natural approaches to supporting your body against the herpes simplex virus. I get a lot of requests for information on natural antivirals that may help the body resist herpes outbreaks.

The information in this ebook, previously for sale at a modest cost, is now available for free on my blog. Access the free ebook on managing herpes The ebook has a ton of information about all the most potent natural supplements, herbs, vitamins, essential oils and homeopathics that can be used to strengthen immune response and lessen outbreaks. In addition, I cover metaphysical and spiritual aspects of herpes.

Health Information and Natural Remedies:
Are you interested in a wholistic approach to health? If so, you may resonate with the information on nutrition, including great info on: raw foods as well as whole foods and the importance of eating organic.

You may also learn how to detox safely and effectively, health benefits of the right kind of chiropractic care (hint, hint, it doesn't involve popping or cracking the neck!) and the many wonderful qualities of aromatherapy with pure essential oils. Some of my favorite oils include tea tree (melaleuca), oregano and peppermint. I have self-treated for the entirety of my adult life, ever since I gained the power to do so.

That being said, let me also clearly say that self-treatment is not for everyone. It requires tremendous research and not a little experimentation. I am satisfied with the results but each person has to decide if they can take responsibility for their health or if that task is better left in allopathic doctor hands. There are rewards that accrue as one learns to pay attention to the body and what helps it maintain homeostasis. I am grateful that I have explored, through trial and error, the path to health for myself.

Strong Disclaimer: If you are currently in the western medicine model and/or taking several prescription drugs, I urge you to exercise caution if adding anything natural. Natural remedies work because they have healing properties. If you are taking a drug to regulate some natural process, then adding a remedy that may try to balance as well could end up being harmful. Be wise with your health.

Dreamtime Explorations: I've practiced learning from my dreamtime for decades now. I love the unique message delivery that can happen when the conscious mind is out of the way. The potent transformative gifts that come from dream interpretation and more may be of interest to those who would like to utilize the dreamtime as a guidance system.

My Spirit of Creativity: To create, for me, is natural. I love to write songs, poetry, articles about health and spirit, etc. I love to paint and dance and sing. I'm in love with the creative process! I am also a performance artist. I've been an actor since the 90's and love the whole process of developing character. I find that a good acting class gives ones many great skills they can use in other areas of their lives. Are you a bit of ham, like me? Perhaps you will enjoy the free acting class I offer here, one path to more fully expressing your own creative gifts. I have such a passion for the creative arts. In them, I often feel close to the breath of Divinity. Dance, song, acting, writing, painting and other creative endeavors add so much beauty to our world.

It Started with the Plant Kingdom: I guess I got my start in alternative healing with herbal remedies, like a lot of folks. Over the years, I've come to respect natural medicines enough to want to use them correctly. It can be incredibly challenging to use holistic substances like herbs and, at the same time, be using prescription medications. In most cases, I caution against that combo because of potential interactions and/or side effects. However, for those who opt to self-treat naturally, taking time to learn about the herbal kingdom as well as vitamin, mineral, enzyme and probiotic supplementation will pay dividends of wellness you can call on for the rest of your life.

In addition to articles about herbs and herbal remedies, you will find a very extensive list of articles on ayurvedic, homeopathic and other forms of natural healing and remedies from nature. I cover many common wellness challenges although, obviously, no one resource can cover it all. Since two of the major killers in the world today are heart disease and cancer, I have a good bit of information on both. Below are a few links to get you started on those important topics.

Cardiovascular Health ===>> Nutritional Cardiovascular Support

Cervical Cancer ===>> Essiac and Cancer

The Space Between Things

I am of the knowing that most of our physical, mental and emotional imbalances are preceded by spiritual imbalance and that, in order to heal the body, mind or emotional field, a stronger spiritual connection or reconnection is vital. For many years I was what we used to call "a healer". I practiced energetic healing, laying on of hands and modalities such as Reiki healing, in addition to the kind of intuitive healing I had already been doing for some time.

I remember when I first started doing intuitive readings for a few friends. It wasn't long after, a new age fair came into town and I rented a booth. I traveled to fairs and festivals for a number of years, working as an intuitive reader who also did some energetic work during the reading.

During a particularly tiring event, I happened to meet a reflexologist who offered me a free session. Wow, did I love that. After that experience, I took a course in foot reflexology and added that modality to my offerings. I still consider reflexology one of the most simple, yet profound modalities for healing that we have available. Maybe that's why references to reflexology go back as far as ancient Egypt. Anyway, I digress.

It's around 1994 ... I am living in Tennessee, in relationship with my soulmate, helping to facilitate spiritual gatherings and doing wellness counseling and healing work pretty much full time. I am also traveling to expos and fairs and working as a healer as well as conducting workshops on different facets of spiritual healing. Life is full and I feel like I know my place in it. I feel very much that I am "being in service" and that is important, very important to me at the time.

The Pipe: Leap forward to the second half of 2001 ... well ... everything changed. I had a Sacred Experience that began to strip away everything with which I had grown comfortable. The next 7 years or so I wandered in the wilderness of consciousness, for lack of a better term, emerging with an entirely different view of healing and wellness.

I found myself almost completely at odds with the previously vital "being of service" paradigm. I noticed how, for that paradigm to give me identity and a place in reality, someone had always to be in need; otherwise, the role of the healer or helper went away. This paradigm was keeping both myself and the people who came to me for help locked in a pattern that cannot resolve without both of us losing our identity and position. The healer must have that someone who needs healing, which requires always that someone be unhealed.

I still provide the occasional session as a healing facilitator and offer support for those who feel they are called to be a healer. However, that paradigm and position is a difficult one to navigate in awareness because, in the mind of many who ask for it, the request is still coming from a space of need or unhealed-ness, still so steeped in serve/be served. In continuing to step away from old positions and belief systems, I find it helpful to allow work to give way to a sort of Sacred, spiritual play. This has presented in my interactions with others with a shift away from fixing or healing and moving inward toward meeting in an empowered space with someone, to discover more of our divine nature together.

Additional online health resource: Recommended for holistic wellbeing information. And, of course, our own database of holistic health articles including topics such as healthy water and psychic/spiritual phenomenon as well as a wide range of articles on common health imbalances and topics of interest to the spiritually aware. If there is something missing that you would like information about, let me know and I'll try to add info on whatever you are seeking.

I care about our planet:
An Open Letter to Big Chem ===>> What are GMO's?

The Ask a Healer Wellness Library is here to provide nutrition for your mind, body and Spirit. It is my sincere hope that I am able to share holistic wellness information that is both useful and enlightening for each visitor. Let me know personally if there is something I can do better. N J Howell, Ask a Healer Webmaster.