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Zeolite as an Internal Cleanse
Zeolite Pebbles for Toxic Air

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Zeolite pellets for detoxing your living space; Liquid or Capsuled Zeolite for internal cleansing


This is part six of a green living article on detoxing your home which covers the dangers of carpet outgassing and the use of toxic building materials, and the nontoxic alternatives such as non-toxic caulk and low voc paints.

This page focuses on a product called zeolite, with which I have had a bit of experience but should not be considered an endorsement of zeolite as replacement for getting necessary testing or installing necessary filtration systems in the event of having anyone in the home with MCS or respiratory concerns.

Zeolite Pebbles for Detoxing Living Spaces:
There are many expensive filtration systems out there which promise to clean your air. However, with an existing toxic situation that keeps on giving, like carpet outgassing, I definitely think a carpet sealer is in order, particularly if someone in your home is very chemically sensitive, if you have any young children or if you have anyone in the family with asthma, allergies or other respiratory conditions.

In addition to a good home filtration system and carpet sealer, you might consider zeolite. The zeolite pebbles are sold as a renewable way to clear toxins and odor from indoor spaces. I ordered zeolite for my basement and my newly remodeled bedroom. What I liked about zeolite, as compared to using baking soda for example, is that it's reusable. You just sit the bag out in the sun for a day and then it reactivates and you can place it back in any toxic room and it will work once more to soak up formaldehyde and other toxins.

There are lots of websites that sell zeolite so please be careful and compare prices and sizes. I used a 1-pound bag of zeolite for each of my rooms that needed detoxing but even more may be needed, per room, if you have very serious toxicity. Detoxing your home with zeolite pebbles can be an expensive option at first but remember that you can reuse the bags indefinitely. >I believe they work but I think it would take quite a few to quickly detox a big area, and that could get expensive.

I only bought two small paks and, while I did smell a decrease in odor, it took a while. I had to take the bags out, sun them, and put them back quite a few times. I'd say, for a big room, you'd need at least a half dozen of the bags and if you were truly concerned about toxicity, I'd even use more. The bags I bought cost about $20 each but there may be companies that sell bulk pebbles too. Check it out online if interested in this approach. I would suggest a resource but I've lost track of where I found my zeolite pebbles and no longer have the bag since a move.

You might also want to investigate something called Moso bags, which work along the same lines. I think they might work better, actually, but I have not tried them so I'm just listing a company I work with and respect, who carries them and some information on how Moso bags work to clean air.

Liquid Zeolite for internal detoxing:
There are also liquid forms of zeolite that help detox chemicals from your body. when I was doing a lot of remodeling in the home where I lived at the time, varnishing, sanding floors, etc. I believe I did have harmful heavy metals in my system, from the varnish and paint and construction work because even though I was putting low-voc varnish back on the hardwood floors, the old varnish was anything but low-voc. I had to live in my house while the work was being done and even did some of it myself, so I think my being impacted was unavoidable. I was also beginning to experience some of the symptoms of heavy metal poisoning as well and those symptoms have abated.

I initially did feel better when taking the liquid zeolite. However, I eventually felt it was affecting me in ways that were not good for me, specifically in my kidneys. I think I would have been fine had I only taken the zeolite short term. I've learned a lot since those days, about how careful one must be if internally toxic. I have amalgam fillings and believe that a lot of my health issues since I got them in 1978 have been at least partially due to mercury poisoning. At the time I initially tried zeolite, I did not understand the need to fully support the kidneys, liver and adrenals and to detox slowly. I know better now.

Caution if you have kidney or liver challenges: It is my personal opinion, as an herbalist and wellness counselor of many years, that any effective detox product that promotes the removal of heavy metals could have an impact on kidneys or liver, depending on how that product is processed. In the case of zeolite, I'd check with my doctor if there are any known kidney problems, before taking it.

Cautions about Heavy Metal Cleanse Products, including Zeolite: I realized when updating something else on this page that I needed to add a couple of cautions about this or other heavy metal detoxes you might consider using internally. Anything that detoxes out heavy metals may also detox some minerals and also may detox out medications. I always take any detox or cleanse at least two hours before I take health supplements. I have learned it's better to take low doses frequently, when chelating or detoxing, rather than large doses once a day. In my experience, keeping a low dose of chelating substance active all the time rather than taking large doses that may end up dumping a load of heavy metals too large for the kidneys or liver to handle.

Talk to the company from which you buy your detox formulas about any supplementation that might be needed, such as calcium, potassium or magnesium when doing heavy metal cleanses. Also, check with your doctor about how long it takes any prescription meds to fully do their job so as to allow time for that before using any heavy metal detox. If you are on timed-release meds, your doctor may veto any cleanse at all that might interfere with continued release of your medicines over time.

More About Heavy Metals Detoxing - Read this for important health tips and cautions on detoxing heavy metals.

Do you have amalgams? Mercury Detox Steps

Health Disclaimer: The information contained in this article about detoxing with liquid zeolite and zeolite pebbles is not intended to take the place of personal medical help you may need, if you have been harmed by toxins in your home. Respiratory concerns should be addressed with your doctor. If you experience chemical sensitivities soon after moving into a new residence, it's very important to take steps to discover the cause and correct it because some sources could be very toxic. Please consult with green building suppliers in your area for the best approach to clearing your home of toxins.