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Gas and Bloating as Symptoms of Detoxing
Reducing Flatulence While Cleansing

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Reducing Flatulence in the Body - Gas and Bloating During an Internal Cleanse


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One of the main complaints I hear from people who try to do a colon cleanse is that they can't stand the gas and bloating that results. They ask me if flatulence in the body is normal during a detox....well, the answer is yes and no. The degree of bloating and gas a person experiences while cleansing seems directly proportionate to at least two healthy their daily diet and how healthy their colon, in general.

There are certain conditions which require checking with the doctor before undergoing a colon cleanse, too. These include diverticulitis, IBS, Krohn's and colon cancer. Read more below, to find out how to reduce gas and bloating when you are detoxing.

Question on health care and healing:
I have been doing major detox program from Blessed Herbs, colon hydrotherapy, diet, far infrared sauna sessions, etc., etc., etc. I currently have had major problems with gas and now indigestion. Are those occurring because of detoxing?

Healing facilitation response:
It sounds to me like you are already doing a lot of the same things that I would do in your case. I have great respect for Blessed Herbs. I believe their formulas are among the most potent available and also respect the integrity of the herbalist, Martha. However, that company has changed hands in some way I don't understand and I haven't used the products since that happened so not sure how deeply involved Martha still is in the creation of the herbals.

Eliminating Excess Gas:
Flatulence is often a major detox symptom, in general. More gas and bloating may also occur when a person begins a detox diet, or even a raw foods or vegetarian diet. If you happen to decide to eat more raw foods and veggies at the same time you are doing a detox cleanse, then gas and bloating may become a true discomfort. The more congested and toxic the colon, the more severe an issue flatulence may become during a detox. External influences causing gas and bloating include food additives such as Sorbitol and Xylitol. Learn more about potential causes of abdominal distension or flatulence, gas and bloating from the American College of Gastroenterology.

Relief from Gas: Activated charcoal helps me tremendously whenever I have excess gas. However, there is a note of caution: Be sure to take activated charcoal by itself, not with any other vitamin, mineral or medicine because it is such a good detox that it detoxes everything so it may reduce the effectiveness of medicines. I would just wait two hours after I've taken anything else, take the charcoal, and then wait another hour before taking any other medication. It works better for me than anything.

Ginger root is also excellent and can be taken in capsules or as a delicious tea. Ginger is a warming herb that has many reported health benefits. Please also visit the natural remedies section for additional flatulence remedies.

Also, consider supplementing with Digestive Enzymes, which aid with health digestion. Even though your problems may feel intestinal, they may have their roots in poorly digested foods passing thru to the colon. Sometimes enzyme supplementation may temporarily make bloating worse but ,after a couple of weeks, when the body adjusts to having more to handle from the food you eat, most people report great benefits. Supplementation with digestive enzymes may be especially important if you are over the age of 40, since our natural production of enzymes wans after that time. Unless you eat a 90 percent raw foods diet, you may not be getting sufficient digestive enzymes for digestive and eliminatory health.

One note on digestive enzymes therapy: There is a reason why it is not uncommon for gas and bloating to initially get worse when you start a digestive enzymes supplements regimen. This temporary discomfort is most often due to the amount of toxicity that is now attempting to digest and evacuate the system. The tendency is to blame the digestive enzymes and stop taking digestive health supplements but in those cases, most enzyme specialists suggest using more enzymes, not less. As always, listen to what your body is telling you and adjust dosage accordingly.

Remember to Detox Mercury and Heavy Metals:
If you are doing a full body detox, it should include something to detox heavy metals which your body may hold. Mercury is sometimes overlooked in detoxes and I think a good heavy metal detox should be part of any full body detox program so look for that in whatever you buy, or get a cleanse specifically targeted at removing heavy metals. If you know which heavy metals you may have, you can also find homeopathic remedies to detox just about all the harmful ones. Homeopathics that target specific heavy metals may sometimes be preferrable to a broad-spectrum detox. Talk with your healthcare professional.

Cilantro is a natural heavy metal cleanser so munching on fresh cilantro will help eliminate any heavy metals that are still floating around. However, with simple chelators such as cilantro, you should add a binder such as algin to insure the heavy metals, once loosened from where they have deposited, will make it completely out of the body.

Medical conditions that cause bloating:
In addition to menopause, which is a natural process of life, there are several health conditions that contribute to flatulence in the body. Among them, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), GERD (acid reflux disease), gastritis, ulcerative colitis, diverticulosis, and Crohn's Disease. If you've been diagnosed with one of these conditions, you should follow the instructions of your chosen health care provider.

Health Disclaimer: The information about gas and bloating contained in this health care / spiritual healing article is educational in nature and not presented as substitution for seeking medical attention where it may be needed. If under a doctors care for any intestinal concern such as colitis, diverticulitis, irritable bowel, etc, please check with your doctor before beginning a detox or colon cleanse.