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Therabreath Oral Care Probiotics

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Review of Therabreath Oral Care Probiotics with blis

review by Ask a Healer

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My experience:
I found this product while searching for ways to prevent cavities and restore dental health. For some reason (I still don't know why for sure) I started experiencing rapid dental decay. It happened in a matter of two months, believe it or not. I was frantic and looking for anything that might help with I started reading about blis. The friendly bacteria strains K12 and M18 compete with the bacteria that causes bad breath and decay. I ordered one pack to see how I liked them and ended up reordering the four-pack so that should tell you something.

Instructions are to dissolve one Therabreath probiotics losenge slowly in the mouth, each night for eight nights and to repeat monthly for optimal oral health results. I can honestly say I noticed something the first few days. One thing that happened is that I felt my ears clear up, particularly my left ear. That was an unexpected result as I was just taking blis for my teeth. I've had some kind of inner ear congestion going on with my left ear for a long time now and within a day or two of blis, I noticed that ear popping and clearing. I also noticed my allergies got better. I'd say these probiotic lozenges might prove helpful to those with chronic sinus infections or frequent sore throats, as well as those prone to ear infections or allergies.

So, the lozenges have proven beneficial to me but ... did oral health probiotics really help my teeth?

Does blis improve oral health?
I can say yes, blis is beneficial for dental health. By the time I finished the eight-day regimen, I could see that the cavities were lightening up around the base of my teeth and a pattern of rapid decay seems to have halted. I've been using Therabreath oral care probiotics for about four months now and my teeth seem to steadily improve. They certainly have gotten no worse, which is a relief. I recommend this product for dental health.

Important note:
I personally do not tolerate sugar alcohols and try to avoid them. So far, I've been unable to find a blis formula that doesn't contain sugar alcohols such as malitol, erythritol, sorbitol etc. and/or artificial sweeteners such as Splenda. Therabreath's formula is no exception. They contain Isomalt and Sucralose (Splenda), both of which give me intestinal upset. For me, since there is no alternative that doesn't have sugar alcohols so far, it's worth the temporary discomfort for the good I'm receiving from the product.

Where to find blis
There aren't a ton of blis products out there yet but I suspect the market may flood with them at some point. You can find blis products on amazon and ebay. You may also order them directly from the company. I've done both. When I order, I usually opt for the four-pack deal when I can because I save money that way and I do want to take oral health probiotics every month, not just once. You can also order a single pack if you wish.

From the Therabreath Website:
Many oral care problems start in the mouth. By boosting your natural defenses, TheraBreath Oral Care Probiotics can help you prevent many of these problems before they start. Contains our exclusive blend of BLIS K12 and M18 probiotics. SAVE $$$ with this 4-pak of our new, easy to use, Oral Care Probiotic Lozenges. Enough for 100 days of treatment. (Affiliate link but I am not being otherwise compensated for this review. It is my honest experience with the product.)

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Disclaimer: I was not paid to do this review, nor have I received free product for this review. However, since I do believe in the product, I joined their affiliate program. If you choose to order through my link, I will receive monetary compensation.

Dental Health Disclaimer: Therabreath oral care probiotic lozenges are not represented in mty review as replacement for any needed dental health evaluation or treatment. If you are experiencing rapid dental decay, please see your dentist. Note on blis K12: After using about three packs of the Therabreath Oral Health Probiotics I had a reaction in my throat. I think this was due to infection as it got better but for a while, I would hack and cough after consuming a losenge. I assume it was the K12 and not the M18 which was causing it, since that is the one which impacts throat and ears. Since then, I tried a probiotic that is only M18 and did not have the reaction. I'm not sure I shouldn't have just kept on and let the K12 do whatever it was doing in my throat but if you find you have a reaction, you might try a formula with just M18. So far, I've only found one. It is called Florassist..

Therabreath Oral Health Probiotics Review Reviewed by Ask a Healer. Therabreath Oral Health Probiotics My review of the blis K12 and M18 formula from Therabreath.