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Symptoms of Parasitic Infestation
How to tell if you have Parasites

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Symptoms of Parasitic Infestation - Signs to look for


Suggested for Parasites:
A Natural Anti-Parasitic Remedy

Because there are hundreds of different parasites, the symptoms for each one vary.However, a prolonged infestation of any type of parasite can deeply effect your energy levels, ability to absorb nutrition and the state of your mind. Also, parasites may migrate from the colon to organs where they become dangerous or even life-threatening, including the brain, lungs and heart.

Parasitic infestation is nothing to take lightly when doing an internal cleanse. Parasitic infestations can be stubbornly entrenched and the addition of a cleanse formula specific to parasites is usually indicated. If you suspect you may have internal parasites, look for a colon cleanse or detox program which also includes anti-parasitic ingredients or consider a parasite cleanse separate from the colon cleanse.

In addition to a toxic colon due to impacted fecal matter and toxic chemicals, you may also be harboring parasites. When parasites are present, colon cleansing may not be enough. Specific anti-parasitics are usually necessary in addition to cleansing herbs, for irradication of the internal pests. Suspect parasitic infestation if you notice the symptoms listed below.

Partial List of Possible Symptoms of Parasites:
Anal itching at night(typically indicates pinworms)
Pasty-looking skin
Pimples on the buttocks area
Belching more than is normal for you
Experiencing an abnormal amount of gas
Noticably bad breath
Chronic Diarrhea
Pronounced cravings for certain foods, particularly sugary foods
Recurrent bronchitis
Frequent headaches
A feeling of always being hungry
Chronic Constipation
Heart Palpitations
Fever or flu-like symptoms
Digestive Problems
Unexplained Abdominal Cramping
Muscle Pain
Unexplained pain in calf muscles

Please note that some of these symptoms could also be present with other conditions such as allergic reaction to washing detergents, candida, etc. However, they are also typical with parasitic infestation so that condition should definitely be ruled out, especially if you are exhibiting several of the symptoms. I've bolded a few of the symptoms on the list, as ones to which I'd particularly link to parasitic infestation.

What is better than getting rid of parasites?
Creating an internal environment that is inhospitable to parasites, so that you are less likely to pick up the critters in the first place. This type of preventative approach is utilized with a natural parasites remedy called Worm Dr.

Symptoms of Heavy Metal Poisoning

Detoxing and Cleansing Health Disclaimer: Most natural healing practitioners feel that parasites are a much larger health concern and more prevalent than traditional medicine recognizes. While most parasites can live inside their host without causing life-threatening symptoms, all of them drain life energy and should be eliminated. Note that parasite cleanses may be contraindicated for those with IBS, diverticulitis, colon cancer or Crohn's Disease.