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Comprehensive Symptoms List
for Heavy Metals Toxicity

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Symptom Clusters that may indicate heavy metals toxicity - What to ask your doctor to rule out.


General Heavy Metals Toxicity Symptoms

Because there are so many symptoms that might indicate your body has an overwhelm of heavy metals, I like to look at the symptoms as a group, or cluster. The more of them you have, the more I would suspect toxicity. If you have enough of this cluster of symptoms to indicate heavy metals toxicity, have your doctor rule out the top three right off the bat: Lead, mercury and arsenic. You may also want to test for cadmium and thallium.

Additional heavy metals poisoning symptoms:
* Increased irritability
* Unexplained mood swings
* Short term memory loss
* Mental confusion
* Vision problems such as blurred vision
* Nausea
* Chronic fatique
* Hyper-activity
* Black line at base of teeth
* Tremors
* Trouble with balance
* Excessive Sweating
* Tasting metal in the mouth
* Stomach Pain
* Abnormally low or high blood pressure
* Irregular Heartbeat
* Chest Pain or Racing Heartbeat
* Rashes, itching and acne
* Chronic Heartburn
* Uncontrollable Shaking of Head
* Uncotrollable Twitching
* Menstrual Problems
* Anger Outbursts
* Feeling Suicidal
* Ringing in the ears Also known as Tinnitus
* Chronic Insomnia and waking up tired
* Chemical Sensitivities, MCS
* Frequent Urination
* Unexplained Depression
* Dizziness and/or Motion Sickness
* Presistent Joint Pain

Believe it or not, this is just a partial list of all the possible symptoms of heavy metal poisoning. If you have a lot of them, it would be worth ruling out toxicity from accumulation of heavy metals, especially if you have a few of the less common symptoms such as a black line at the base of your teeth or noticable loss of balance or motor skills.

It's also possible to get too much of metals that the body must have to function properly, such as manganese, zinc, iron and copper. While testing for heavy metals, why not get a profile that will measure as many substances as possible. Ask your doctor for the test with the broadest range of testing levels. Tests that can help identify these and other toxins include hair analysis, specific blood work, urine tests and tissue tests. Speak to your doctor about which tests you may need for a proper diagnosis.

Health Conditions where heavy metals may be a factor:
This is a partial list as well because there are so many conditions where metal accumulation in the body can be an important link.
* Autism
* Arthritis
* MS
* Diverticulitis
* Bell's Palsy
* Crohn's
* Graves Disease
* Cancer
* Thyroid Problems
* Female Problems with uterus, menustration or cervical health.

Detoxing and Cleansing Health Disclaimer:
Because so many of the symptoms of heavy metals poisoning may also be symptoms of several other health challenges, testing and evaluation is vital. However, if you have quite a few of the above symptoms or if you've been diagnosed with one of the above health conditions, it would be worth ruling out heavy metals poisoning, at least in my opinion.