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Will Earthcalm help reduce EMF pollution in your home?


Disclaimer: EarthCalm products are not FDA approved and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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CBD and ELF Waves Disruption

The impact of ELF-waves on hearing, sleeping and headaches.

Update, September 2019: I've moved up to using 3 out of four of the plug ins now. The newer models are different so I'm not sure how mine compares but they should still have levels. I advise starting at lower levels and building up. In addition to my Earth Calm unit, I took the step of adding aluminum screen on the wall just behind where the meter is on the outside wall. This helped too. In addition, I use a shungite pyramid near my computer and wear a shungite pendant.

You can read more about my intitial experience below and how I've used the Earth Calm home unit since I purchased it. My previous update was in December of 2018 and, at that time I had been using the EarthCalm home unit for about six months. Until February of 2019, I continued to only use two or three of of the four levels available and that worked fine for me until I felt ready to move up to three. Visitors have commented on how peaceful they feel here as well. I still love my EarthCalm! However, having said that, I periodically do muscle testing on anything I use and at times, have needed to unplug the unit for a time. I trust my body. If you know how to muscle test, I think it's a good idea. Just because something is good for the body one month, doesn't mean the body will never ask for a break from any supplement that changes things in a noticable way.

Why I Was Looking for EMF Protection:
I've always felt like the canary in the coal mine when it comes to electronic pollution. Talking on cell phones for very long always zapped me. Working at the computer very long brought on brain fatique. In other words, EMF was already effecting me for a long time before smart meters were introduced. However, after smart meters were a reality, I became much more concerned about longterm impact of dirty electricity.

What's a smart meter?
Remember when an employee for the electric power board would come to your house once a month and write down the numbers on your meter? A pain for them but much better for us it turns out. Smart meters are designed so that the employees never have to physically get out of their car to "read" the meter. If you are unfamiliar with smart meters, you may find the information at this website enlightening. It covers some of the reported health issues people experience when living in a home or working in an environment with smart meters. Learn more about Smart Meters Pollution. Best approach to smart meters: Get rid of them. If at all possible, have the smart meter replaced with a standard meter. In the event that you can't do that, EMF protection may be something to consider. While offering convenience for the electric companies, so-called "smart meters" may pulse EMF waves throughout your home every few seconds. These are so harmful and deadly that I truly feel they should be banned. At the very least, I think the electric companies need to be more transparent in offering an analog choice.

I recently moved into a tiny house, not realizing it had a smart meter. I really didn't have a lot of options at the time and couldn't move right then but was concerned about the impact. The constant feeling of being on edge wasn't fun. I researched a lot of different options before deciding to try the Earth Calm Home Unit. They give you 90 days to try it out so I figured why not? I followed their advice when I got my home unit, which was to start slow. The older units, like the ones I purchased, had four usb plug in levels. The unit plugs right into the outlet and has usb ports for four flash drives, each of which increases the effects of the Earth Calm system.

I started with one plugged in and noticed that I slept better that first night. I also noticed I had less fatique, in general. It was not a dramatic change but I did notice a bit more smoothness to my energy. Getting better sleep was the most dramatic change I noticed in the week I worked with just one plug in the unit. After a week, I added the second plug in. That same night, I noticed lymph drainage around my ears, neck and throat. It was obvious that my body was detoxing and that something had stimulated lymph drainage. I made no other significant change that day except for the second plug in. The lymph drainage continued for a few days and I also noticed some popping and cracking in my neck at night.

I don't remember how long I used two units but I think it was about five days before I tried plugging in the third unit. I couldn't handle three plugged in. I started detoxing, feeling flu-like symptoms, etc. so I unplugged the third plug and I've been just using two plugs until today, September 13, 2018. I intend to plug in the third plug again tonight and will update here with the results.

How does Earth Calm work?
From the website: "EarthCalm products mitigate the effects of man-made EMFs, by transmuting them from a harmful field to a beneficial one. Protect yourself, by reducing the stress of EMFs on your immune and nervous systems, so that your body can regenerate and heal itself."

I feel I have benefited from having the Earth Calm unit in my home. I live in a tiny house so it was very important to me to have some sort of EMF protection since the plug ins in a tiny house are all very close to each other and the fuse box is in my bedroom. I did not send my unit back in at the end of the 90 days, which is about the strongest indicator of how much I feel it may be helping.

Important note:I do not receive compensation for this review. It is based on my honest evaluation of the product. However, since I do believe in Earth Calm now, I did join their affiliate program. The link at the bottom and on the banner is my affiliate link, which I would appreciate you using if you decide to try the unit.

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If you are an amazon prime member and would rather order online from amazon, here's a link to order the Earth Calm Home Unit securely from there.

The above are affiliate links but I am not being otherwise compensated for this review. It is my honest experience with the product.

Earth Calm Home Unit Review Reviewed by Neva Howell. Earth Calm EMF Protection My review of the home unit from Earth Calm

Health Disclaimer: Feeling or hearing annoying or painful vibratory tones may also be a symptom of a medical condition involving the neuological functioning of the brain. Check with your doctor. Rule out conditions such as brain cancer and cavernous hemangioma. Be wise with your health.