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When and How To Detox and
How to Detox Heavy Metals

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Detoxing the body: #1 wellness concern! Frequently asked detox questions.


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* How Often Do You Need a Colon Cleanse?
* How do you know what type of Detoxing to do?
* How do you get rid of parasites and heavy metals?

These and other questions about detoxing your body answered at Ask a Healer.

As a wellness coach, I probably get more questions about detoxing than any other health subject. Following a close second, and closely related, are questions about healthy elimination, constipation, parasites, heavy metals and other colon health issues.

It is no accident that so many people are instinctively seeking ways to restore internal balance As movies like Food, Inc. and Supersize Me reveal much about toxicity in the fast foods we all love to eat, the need for detoxing the body moves to the forefront of consciousness.

I am grateful that internal cleansing is on the minds of so many these days because detoxing the body is such an important part of maintaining health.

If we are not properly digesting our foods and eliminating waste properly, optimal health eventually becomes impossible for the body to maintain. Thanks for taking this positive step toward better health and learning how to detox effectively.
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Question on healing: How do you know what type of detoxing you need? There are detoxes for parasites, colon, liver, etc. Does a person need all of them?

Healing Facilitation Response: Yes, I agree that the choice of cleanses out there can be quite daunting. I have taken cleanses for every system of the body at different times in my life. In addition, I routinely do colon and liver cleanses a couple of times a year, whether I think I need them or not. However, that's me. I self-treat and have for years so I'm willing to take responsibility for making those choices. If you have any type of medically diagnosed problem involving the colon, liver, blood, kidneys, or immune system, you should always check with your doctor before going on any type of cleanse.

Assessing your need for a blood or liver cleanse or a detox for yeast overgrowth:
Without medical testing, one could not definitively say if the blood or liver needed detoxing. Medical problems should be ruled out whenever symptoms interfere with quality of life or you suspect a medical issue. However, most who feel fatigued, sick, run down, no energy, etc... for no diagnosed reason feel far better after a detoxing cleanse that includes liver and blood purification ingredients.

Determining whether a person has candida overgrowth without medical testing may can also be challenging. Get the testing if you feel your symptoms warrant. Many of the symptoms of yeast overgrowth may diminish or disappear when a detox containing yeast-killing ingredients is completed. Staying off refined sugar is a must when dealing with candida overgrowth.

The symptoms of candida infection including having a strange taste in your mouth when you eat sweet foods, frequent yeast infections, food allergies, a burning pain in your throat or your mouth, chemical sensitivities, thrush, chronic fatique, problems with concentration, menstrual problems, and more. If candida is an issue for you, please read about Candacleanse from Mt. Capra. Ask a healer is a proud partner with this company. I believe in their products and give them my highest recommendation.

Assessing your need for Heavy Metals cleansing:
An accumulation of heavy metals in the body is another reason many people cleanse. Heavy metal levels can be tested medically and you should be tested if you feel heavy metal toxicity could be present. Important Cautions on Heavy Metals Detoxing

Who is at high risk for heavy metals poisoning? If you've worked in atmospheres with chemicals, such as in at a service station, in a beauty salon, or as a painter, you may have heavy metal poisoning. If you've worked in construction work for any length of time, I'd just about bet you've been exposed to heavy metals in welding, sanding, painting, or other situations. Good idea to cleanse regularly if working in any type of industrial or automotive industry. If you have one or more dental amalgams (fillings), you may be at risk for mercury poisoning.

Assessing your need for a colon cleanse: The colon is rather easy to self-assess. You know whether you often feel bloated or sluggish after meals. You know if you are constipated or not.

One note on constipation.....Among most practitioners within the wholistic health community, a person who experiences less than 2-3 softly formed and effortlessly eliminated bowel movements per day would be considered to have below-optimal eliminatory function. In the medical profession, the definition of constipation is far less strict. Some doctors will say one movement a day is normal. Others will even say it's ok to go a day or two without a movement. I even had one lady tell me that her doctor said it was ok that she only went once a week. I find that astonishing.

Assessing your need for a colon cleanse. Symptoms of a toxic or overloaded colon may include a decrease in motor skills and balance. If you notice yourself becoming more clumsy, and it lasts over time, suspect heavy metals.

Detoxing and Internal Cleansing Health Disclaimer: The wholistic health care information contained in this body detox article is not intended to replace other medical advice from qualified healthcare professionals. Any action taken based on the contents found in this or any educational health information provided is at the sole discretion of the reader.

If you suspect you may have heavy metal poisoning, get the proper tests to find out what metals are involved and their concentration in your body. If you have colon problems such as IBS, colitis, diverticulitis or Krohn's Disease, please consult with your doctor before undertaking a colon cleanse or detox.