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We all create abundance in our lives. It's a matter of what kind of abundance we are creating. It's possible (quite easy actually) to creat an unpleasant abundance in our lives, where we experience an amazing overflow of what we DON'T want. I know this because I lived that way for many years. I had a true abundance of frustrating, unpleasant, not fun experiences. Part of that was a soul agreement. I had connections I wanted to make, things I wanted to explore, potentials I hoped would turn out differently than they did, etc. Part of it was because I was stuck in agreements that no longer served and repeating patterns of lack simply because I didn't realize there was an automatic pattern in play. And part of it was by design, as someone who chose to live a trial and error life so that I'd know, for sure, what worked.

I learned to live life with more of an abundance of what I want by addressing the autopilot response, discovering that I could renegotiate family, tribal and soulmate agreements and recognizing that frustration was my cue that I had wandered off-path or into some pattern that wasn't serving me. Learning about a body of information called Human Design is helping me better listen to my body sensing of what is in or out of alignment with right action for me.

Personally, abundance isn't so much about money as it is about freedom. Enough money may provide that freedom or, at least, the illusion of being free. Money may also result in being enslaved, particularly if we think it is the answer to everything. There are other ways the freedom to live life on one's own termsm that do not involve going into debt for 30 years or staying at a job you hate. No matter what your current relationship with abundance and prosperity, I hope that the information here may be helpful.

One of the best ways to integrate all these aspects of abundance is to become more aware of the space between things. I find that, the more I view life from that perspective, the more opportunity awakens in my field.

Abundance: The New Way
I recently went through another dance with poverty and lack. I recognized it as a very different level than those that had come before. I had awareness that I was in resistance and also, that I was out of alignment with my soul. In the process of coming back into alignment with my beingness, I was asked by a friend to document what I would advise anyone else going through the same experience with lack that I was experiencing. I'm so grateful that he asked me that question. In reviewing my past experiences with lack and noticing new awarenesses that were possible now, I was able to trace my path back to abundant thinking and feeling.

It's very much a vibrational thing, this abundant life we all want. Though it is our natural state, the experience of human living can disconnect us from it. It's nice to have reminders along the way. I offer an ebook now, called Abundance: The New Way for those who may be visiting or revisiting the poverty and lack experience. I hope you may find it helpful.

How do we learn to communicate clearly with a universe waiting for us to align with all that is held in store for us? Cosmic Ordering offers a specific structure that may be used to help you communicate more clearly with Universal Lifeforce Energy.