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I am reminded of an old song (definitely showing my age here) by Joe South - "Oh, the games people play, now. every night and every day now. Never meaning what they say now. Never saying what they mean." Those words range true to me when I was young and heard them for the first time, and they still resonate with me today. I'm convinced that a lot of our mental anguish stems from not saying what we mean and not meaning what we say.

There are so many reasons we might sugarcoat our words, hedge our bets, hesitate to speak our full and honest truth. I believe that everytime we edit and hold back, we create a bit of mental backwash that weakens our capacity to reason clearly. We may think we are sparing someone's feelings or avoiding being disapproved of or being disagreed with but the cost of such avoidance is high.

Clarity of mind, word and speech enables us to connect with others in a way that may not always be comfortable but will ultimately always be to the Highest Good. The next time we feel ourselves mentally biting our own tongue, maybe it would be wise to stop and ask "What's the worst that can happen if I speak my truth?". If we're not willing to accept the worst, then we at least can speak our truth in prayer, or on paper. We can express it somehow, instead of storing it in our brain cells to clog up our minds over time.

Retraining the mind to better handle stressors is also a major transformation tool for me. Subliminal tapes, hypnosis tapes, biofeedback, meditation and other tools are helpful. Learning to simply step away for a moment is vitally helpful as well. Just a breathe, and a look away from the person with whom you are mentally engaged, can shift the need to prove, the need to be right or the sense of urgency to respond. Sometimes, in that breathe and that glance away, we buy ourselves sanity.

Understanding the way your mind works to create positive mental changes is vital to creating goals that you can achieve. Learn how to manage your thoughts in a positive way. To manage, one must first become aware without the charge of negative emotion around the awareness. How often do we notice ourselves speaking out of line with our truth and, instead of taking note and making mental adjustment, we beat ourselves about the head in energetic frustration? We can breathe and glance away when we are arguing with our own most influencial listener (ourselves, our past and our stories about ourselves) just the same as we would physically glance away from an internal person.