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Soul-Level, Quantum Energy Healing and Cosmic Holistic Wellbeing - Patterns of Light and Information. The defection and confession of a holistic wellbeing and natural healing devotee


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What is cosmic variance? Uncertainty at a quantum level. To me, it may be the story of five blind men, all touching different parts of the same elephant and thinking the part they are touching is the truth of elephants vs a sighted person standing some distance away from the same elephant and describing it as well as the five men touching it. To a quantum physicist, cosmic variance means "a statistical uncertainty inherent in observations of the universe at a distance". Source: Cosmic Variance from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Now that just makes my hair hurt .... and part of me gets it. I have devoted decades of this lifetime to the study of natural healing only to find out that knowledge limits the I AM of me. Painting myself into a corner over and over, thinking I had found some protocol or remedy that would once and for all heal some condition, led to a radical shift in my own awareness around this idea of healing and illness. Disease mutates as long as we have a relationship to having a disease. Reality curves to our perception of it.

I invite you to meet me in the space between things, for just a moment ... or if you're already there, look for me now. All it takes to entangle in the field with someone else is intent. If you're willing, I'm here. Let's start with a question: If you were a hunter, how would you hunt? Carlos Castenedas' books introduced me to this idea of the space between things. I was walking down the road after reading about where the nagual talks about how a hunter gets his prey. A successful hunter succeeds not by looking at the woods, the trees or the landscape but by looking at the space between the leaves, the space between the trees. Until I read that, I didn't even realize that I did habitually focus on form although it's like those pictures with a hidden picture within them. Once you see the other picture, you wonder why it was ever unseen. I really never looked at that space between the leaves. Wow, there was a lot there when I finally did look at that space between.

Something about that simple choice to look at the space between the leaves, activated new awareness about looking away from form in other areas of my life. I noticed that focusing on the body and the state of imbalance perpetuated something unhealthy in me. I began to look at the space around belief systems or what I know for sure, the space between paradigms, opinions, fact and knowledge as well as the space between physical things like my body and other things. I also began to look at the space between cells in my body, the magnificent and massive inner space of my physicality.

I began to look at the space between this idea of taking natural remedies and prescription drugs to address physical symptoms and the energetic field outside the form of illness. Of course, putting a natural remedy or prescription drug into my body to help it balance does seem to work. It may even be the best way to approach healing, when there is a belief system that says something needs to be taken, to help my body heal. Further, I began to look at the space between things inside my body, the fluids, the blood, the breath. These were healing substances that responded to my attention, in between organs, muscles, bones, tissue. What would happen if I consciously intended loving attention toward the bloodstream and toward the air I took into my lungs with each breath?

Now, may we shift to the space around that belief? Is it possible there may be another level of consciousness where nothing needs to be healed and energetic patterns may simply shift to a more harmonious rhythm without physically taking anything? In this space, might staying healthy become more like a dance with the universe? I invite you to meet me in the space between things ...

Have you been a Lightworker? Many of us who used to be called "Lightworkers" are exploring different quantum energy frequencies and releasing some pretty fundamental ideas about healing. At quantum levels, the very word "healing" becomes obsolete and many of the words we have used to address states of illness and disease begin to sound like words from a foreign language, words with no meaning. Though I can still speak that language and write in that language, it feels more and more foreign to me.

Ask a Healer is Morphing: This website, and it's contents, feel like sort of a vibrational energy imprint of my consciousness evolving. In it's pages, I see so much of old patterns of light and information based on knowledge,facts and certain knowing rather than soul-level wisdom or awareness. The reason is simple. Give the people what they want. However, people (on a consciousness level) do not want what they used to want. There is a massive move toward embracing quantum physics and spiritual Truth, the likes of which we have not see on earth before. The challenge for me now is to discern the most appropriate way to utilize the gridline of energy laid down on this website; the best way to gradually replace old patterns of frequency within limiting belief systems I've supported.

How do you know you are in the space between things? One good clue is that you may become aware that everything you think you know is just what you think you know. A certain "knowing" which guided your actions, and which may have felt very comfortable, could have been replaced with an unavoidable choice to be deliberately ignorant, refusing to let reality gel into a limiting, hardened position outside the flow of life.

What if all limiting beliefs are just dancing patterns of light and information that have no particular meaning until you assign meaning? I first heard this concept, that everything is just light and information, from Richard Bartlett, at a Matrix Energetics session in Atlanta, Georgia. It struck into my core as Truth. What if all the structured thinking that has led to me feeling trapped in a way of functioning that no longer supports my optimal life, are just patterns of light and information, without real meaning? What if energizing those belief systems has been some sort of self-limiting paradigm have been useful at one point in soul evolution.

If any of this rings in you as Truth, perhaps, you have reached a point where you release the story you may have told around beliefs in your own life, and allow for a reorganization of the patterns of light and information that guide you? Have you already seen this? Or do you just now, begin to see the infinite nature of patterns of light and grasp the potential of unlimited choice? Either way, thank you for spending time with me, in Sacred space between things. Love, Neva - askme at askahealer dot com