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Abundance: The New Way

Emotional Balance in an Unbalanced, Chaotic 3D Reality


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feeling ... sensing into ... tears and laughter ...

One of the gifts of being human is an increased ability to feel emotion. One of the gifts of awakening spiritually to your sovereign nature is an increased ability to feel the emotions and pain of others, which is called empathy. Ironically, the ones most gifted in this regard often end up appearing the most proud and aloof. Feeling so much comes with a price and many are not initially willing to pay it.

Those most tender on the inside may appear to the world to be cold, maybe even heartless when just the very opposite is true. With spiritual awakening, emotional healing becomes a soul-level priority and those who came in with stronger than normal empathy levels begin to seek out ways to be who they are without it hurting so much. Maybe you are at this point in your life; closed off to survive and yet feeling half alive because of having closed off your empathic channels?

Or maybe you haven't closed yourself off to that extent yet you still find yourself not feeling as much as you once did, or unable to cope with what you do feel? Maybe you are beginning to feel the urge of Spirit on your life, asking you to reclaim the gift of emotional openness and empathy?

Both the emotional states I've described above will still end up creating an abundance of emotion....the question to ask is what type of emotional abundance we want.

We all would wish for an abundance of emotional resonation with feelings such as loving kindness, tender compassion, sensitive understanding. As a facilitator of healing for others, it seems to me that these feelings can only be true for us if we have the ability to extend these same feelings to ourselves.

The most emotionally healthy individuals I know or have known are not those who walk through life unaffected but those who honestly acknowledge their humanity and embrace themselves in loving kindness as they work toward more progressive behavior and balance.

In contrast, what I more often see, in others and in myself, is a tendency to be very unloving toward ourselves. We may shower others with love and forgiveness but be so tough on ourselves that we do not even need outside enemies. I used to think that sort of tough love toward self meant I was getting enlightened. I thought that was the purpose. At some point, it dawned on me, really sunk in, that we were all made of Godstuff, God Energy. How much more enlightened can we be? We just need to remember who we are.

For me, enlightenment is not some place I reach where suddenly I never experience the density of the flesh, the confusion of thoughtforms, the struggle of is a place where whatever the ego, or personality self is going thru, becomes ok for that moment, even when it is not progressive in my own judgment. It is from those moments of allowing self to be, at whatever level it is possible and with consciousness, that my deepest transformations have been possible.

This isn't to say I don't work toward more progressive expression. Always, I do this but in the meantime, I lovingly extend compassionate awareness and understanding to my personality self. As I give myself permission to be human, and to stumble at times as I find my way, it becomes easier for me to accept the pain, struggles and stumbling of others as part of their path and learning experience. I'm no longer drained by feeling the pain and struggle of others; nor am I obsessed with a need to fix the situation or them. I am able to say "It is well with their soul" no matter what they might be going through as a human being having a spiritual experience here on earth.

Flower Essences - Emotional Healers and Balancers: I believe the Plant Nation has medicines for just about every emotional imbalance we may encounter. The plant essences, with their subtle but profound effects, are often the most gentle and loving way to bring ourselves to balance. When finding oneself in fear and worry, impatience, apathy, self hatred we can reach for the balancing energy of flower essences.

Not only do flower essences assist in the most powerful and gentle way to help us release the non-progressive thoughts, belief systems or patterns of behavior, but they additionally support us by more strongly connecting us to the heartbeat of Mother Earth, so that we stay more balanced and grounded in general. Their subtle but potent energetic reach and range is very broad. For example, flower essences may assist with trauma recovery as well as helping us to define our path during times of transition and change.

Though broad their range, specific plant energies have a unique ability to hone in like a laser and address equally specific challenges in our lives. For example, when we feel we are overwhelmed by responsibility, Elm Flower Essence helps to bring our electrical system back into alignment in such a way that we can drop some of the weight from ourselves and move forward. Perhaps we find ourselves living in the past....essences can help.

In these intense times, one can pay more attention to the gifts from nature. They are tremendously helpful for emotional balance and can assist us in creating the abundance of emotional joy and balance we all seek.