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The New Way to Abundancey

Abundantly Healthy Body - Physical Prosperity


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What does it mean to be physically abundant? Like all areas of abundance, we can create an abundance of what we want or what we do not wish to have. To begin to create an abundance of robust good health on physical levels, we must have strong, clear intention and focus. We must be able to hold that strong, clear intent and focus steady in our beingness long enough for the physical laws of this third dimensional reality to adapt to our highest commands. Part of the journey toward manifesting robust, vibrant, optimal wellness at a physical level involves release and transmutation of any subconscious, karmic or past life resistances to living well in our bodies. The heal section of the Abundant Life series addresses ways we can help the body heal; help the body reach and maintain a more consistent vibration of health.

We can nourish our body in many ways, to promote it's natural ability to heal and promote good health from within. The proper vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes can address our specific health challenges, for example. Homeopathics, nutritional supplements, essential oils and herbals are also very helpful in assisting the physical levels of our beingness to align with the natural rhythm of our earth walk. The Plant Kingdom, in particular, is a spiritually medicinal balancer for the human body and, in addition to the scientifically documented healing properties that might exist for each herb or vitamin or mineral or essential oil, there is also a very powerful vibrational frequency that herbals impart to the auric field, which is conducive to balance and harmony within the physical system.

Honoring the Divine Feminine: To the women who visit here, consider that our faces can glow from the nourishment of natural skincare, supple, satisfied and vibrantly alive. We can embrace wholistic health options for assistance with menstrual disorders and menopause. We are free to be ample and gloriously clothed. We can choose natural organic diapers to be next to our baby's skin and pass on the pampers.

Our homes can be built more green and cleansed in environmentally friendly, non-toxic ways. The space where we live and the space where we work can be enhanced thru feng shui to be inviting, positive, energy-renewing havens for our bodies. We can choose to bring the frequency of genius and creativity into our daily field of vision thru extraordinary artwork, beautiful dance, and theatrical performances.

The vital intake of pure water into our temples can be enhanced thru filtration and cleansing as well so that this vital fluid we must give our cells can be absorbed and utilized fully by our body. And let us not forget that most significant third of our day, our dreamtime. We can enhance the life-renewing gifts of sleep thru bedding of natural magnetic fields, organic cotton sheets, and a created space of nuturance. We can choose to eat live, nutrient-rich organic foods and support those companies who are certified organic and certified GMO free.

We can get to know our pain instead of deadening it or keeping ourselves constantly distracted from it, so that we understand more about why we have manifested them in our lives at this time for every illness has a message and a teaching of value. We can decide to take responsibility for our own state of health by exploring holistic means of staying healthy when dealing with conditions like allergies, arthritis, fibromyalgia, consciously unwanted weight gain, tension, migraine and other headaches, herpes, depression, anxiety, cancer, diabetes and other health or Spirit challenges. In short, we can claim ourselves fully, in every aspect of our human experience and hold ourselves responsible for what we learn or fail to learn from each experience we have in this human form.

Yes? Head over to the Free Health Articles Database and explore natural wellness. I wish you joy, laughter, love, deep spiritual connection and optimal health and wealth for all your days!

add to your library.... Prescription for Nutritional Healing by Dr. James Balch and Phyllis Balch - This book is just a must-have for anyone following a wholistic health regimen for good health maintenance. Prescription for Nutritional Healing covers treatment by herbs, vitamins, nutritionals, homeopathics, ayurvedic and the typical allopathic approach.

Helpful tips within this valuable resource by Dr. and Mrs. Balch include information on the dangers of aspartame; how to choose a calcium supplement; common heart problems and procedures; cancer risk factors, diagnosis, and treatments; and sports nutrition. Prescription for Nutritional Healing, while covering a broad range of informational levels, is mostly written in understandable language for readers without a medical degree.