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An Open Letter to Big Chem
Monsanto, Dupont, Syngenta

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An Open Letter to Monsanto, Dupont, Syngenta and all who work for them:

by Ask a Healer, All Rights Reserved

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I am just one voice but there are many others. There are more voices raised with each passing day, in legitimate concern about your products and/or genetically engineered foods. I'm writing to ask you to consider the repercussions of your decisions on the air we all breathe, the water we all drink and the food we all eat. Consider the legacy you are leaving your children and grandchildren.

You could change, CEOs and shareholders, you could change.

There are so many life-sustaining ways you could manifest your fortunes. You could withdraw your massive wealth from chemical agriculture and genetic engineering and begin to apply that wealth toward preserving heirloom seed or supporting organic farmers to increase yield of live, potent, nutritious food for everyone. Yes, it would cost money to make such a shift but not as much as you are spending on lobbying every year, just to maintain your "right" to pump poison on food that has been genetically distorted. You might even have enough left over to find a cure for cancer or diabetes. You could leave a legacy to be proud of rather than going down in history as human beings who amassed wealth by selling products that did nothing good for their fellow man or the Earth.

Monsanto, I understand why it was so important to get the FDA to say that GM food was no different than regular food. It allowed you to release it for human consumption without the need for long term safety studies. Even if you did nothing else, Monsanto, you could admit that was a mistake. You could back off planting and producing, stop entirely, until such safety studies were completed.

You could change, scientists and researchers on the Big Chem payroll, you could change.

You could shift from chemical research and development to developing completely non-toxic alternatives for weed control and increasing plant yield. You could work to save whatever pure species of plant or food we still have, for future generations. You could research how to implement free food centers and how to support the work of those who genuinely want to feed the world.

If you are employed by one of these companies, you could change. You could walk away, taking your valuable talents and knowledge, and go into work that makes more of a positive difference in the world. Yes, it's scary to make a big change, to walk away from security and perhaps even a very big check. If you look yourself in the mirror and ask what you are contributing to make life better on this planet, the answer may be nothing or certainly not enough to outweigh the damage also being done. Weeds are controlled but at what cost to all inhabitants? You could choose to work for a company that is actively developing ways to control them without the use of toxic substances.

Big Chem, you could start today to reverse some of the damage that has been done and help our planet heal. You have that power. You have enough influence to lobby for clean air, water and energy solutions and tougher food standards and labeling laws so that we all, including all of you, live healthier lives. You have the placement in powerful organizations to be a force for good rather than bad. You've already got those powerful politicians and legislators on your side via hefty donations to their campaigns. Buying power is one way to go in the world; if that's the way you choose, you could at least buy power to make positive changes.

Yes, Monsanto, Dupont, Syngenta, you could voluntarily change now. You could change before the scores of peer-reviewed, double-blind scientific, credible studies come which prove beyond doubt that your products harm us all. Those studies are coming and not even your massive wealth can suppress all of them. You will not even be able to spin your way out of it. When it hits the fan for all of you again, instead of just dropping one product line and coming out with an even more dangerous product later, why not change? Why not stop making toxic products and start helping your planet thrive?

You could change now, voluntarily, before global awareness, conscious awakening and indisputable proof of crimes against humanity crush you. I am only one voice. However, my voice joins the millions who speak as one and we want you to know:

We see you. It is on the way to over. Change.