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Financial abundance is one of the most difficult areas to master, not just for the spiritually conscious but for most of humanity. Being spiritually aware doesn't take away the gridlines of family belief systems and personally programmed beliefs about the flow of abundance. As spiritually aware beings, we may know that energy follows energy and that what we dwell on increases. We may fully grasp that at a mental level. Yet, the density of the third dimension sometimes has an almost overwhelming pull and we find ourselves dwelling on lack, instead of abundance. How do we break the cycle and begin to bring in more of what we want to manifest?

creating wealth and prosperity, financial freedomWe can pray or meditate instead of worrying.

If we are ever going to release limiting thinking then we must learn to release whatever it is that pulls us into that mental mindset. Whatever we worry about, we must release consistently enough to a Higher Power, that it no longer is stronger than our connection with that Higher Power. We may become our own diligent self-monitor of our thought processes. The very instant that we are aware we have shifted into worry about a situation, we can choose to energetically lift up that entire situation to a Higher Power and release it. We can bring our attention back to what is right in front of us.

creating wealth and prosperity, financial freedom ... wee can practice the art of surrender to what is

.......what if we practiced acceptance in any situation? What if we decided that whatever was going on was for our highest good, no matter what that might be? Wouldn't that free us to then be in the situation without worry? Free of stress and worry, might we see solutions, openings and potentials we would otherwise miss? creating wealth and prosperityWe can remember to use our tools.

We have certain built-in tools that can be utilized whenever worry or anxiety rear their stubborn heads. One is the breath. We can notice our breathing in times of stress and and consciously work to deepen and slow our breath. This will act as signal to the mind and emotions to slow as well. Typically, when in stress, fear, doubt, worry or anxiety, our breathing will be shallow and uneven. By using our breath, we can say to our Self that we wish to regain calmness and harmony. We may also use our voice.

Vibratory tones can break loose the congestion of limiting and non-progressive thinking. We don't need special training to use these tones. We need only to set our intent and make sound. When we find ourselves in anger, we can choose to be responsible. We may also choose to find a private place where we can do some primal screaming, honoring the need of the body to express without directing the emotions outward toward another or toward a situation. When we direct anger energy outward, it intensifies what is already there. So, we get more resistance, more delay, more difficulty. When we set our intent, once the body has notified us by the tight gut, the clenched jaw, the staccato breath, that we need to get a grip on our anger, we can decide how that is going to happen rather than letting it control us and create more chaos. Spirit listens, and when you say you are about to express physically thru loud sound, with intent of releasing tension, then that's what happens.

creating wealth and prosperity, financial freedomWe can practice confronting our fears

.......what if we practiced embracing our fears? Our tendency, when faced with something we fear, is to either try to push it away from it, ignore it, distract ourselves with other things until it subsides, or intensify it thru worry until we make ourselves sick and can rest. In particular, we seem effected by fear of the unknown. What if we embraced our fear as the teacher it is, as well embracing the value of pain? Wouldn't that free us to really look at what we've created and why?