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Living an abundant life - it helps to know what abundant means for you


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Law of Attraction

Over the decades I've lived this particular incarnation, I've had many experiences with poverty. I was born into it and the pattern has been stubborn. Perhaps this is true for you as well? Or perhaps you found this page because you were searching for a more aligned meaning of abundance in your own life. Whatever brought you here, I hope you find something of benefit.

Abundance: The New Way
The internet is full of get-rich ideas. You can find them easily and read about how others have created prosperity following this or that approach. Most of these are based on practical advice and include steps to take so that you might immulate what the author did to achieve wealth. While this ebook contains practical steps, it also highlights inner work that needs to precede outer actions. If we just set in motion a plan that worked for someone else, without looking to see if we are in clarity about what it is we really want, we may end up with someone else's results and find they are not our dreams at all.

Abundance: The New Way is based on metaphysical and spiritual principles that have allowed me to come more in alignment with the reality that fits my own unique perspective on what abundance is and what feels prosperous to me. I hope that the content will help you hone or clarify what abundance and prosperity are for you.

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Disclaimer: This prosperity ebook does not promise any particular monetary result but rather offers ways to get clear on what it means to you, in particular, to live an abundant life and how to align yourself with the energetic actions that can bring that life more clearly into focus so that your actions creat the results that work for you.