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Abundance: The New Way

About Spiritual Levels of Abundance


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the spiritual aspects of an abundant life ...

Grace, ease and flow are touchstones for my creative Spirit these days. I have a saying....grace and ease or not for me. This mantra does not always save me from jumping into situations that hold difficulty, challenge, chaos and pain but it does help remind me that I chose, and can choose again, at any moment.

When we think of spiritual abundance, the energy of our prosperity is in terms of peace, joy, harmony, inner knowing, awareness of and connection to our Spirit Guides, Angels, Star Nation Relatives, Higher Self, Oversoul Group, Universal Source. How often we seem to, as the Apostle Paul so aptly put it, see through a glass darkly. Where we may desire crystal clarity, there may sometimes be the muddled hue of confusion and doubt. Where we seek peace and harmony, we are dismayed to sometimes find discord and chaos. Where we strive toward trusting our inner knowing, we often instead trust the voices of those who "seem to know" instead of our own instincts.

So, how does one create spiritual abundance?

I have more questions about that question than answers yet, along the way, there seem to be a few pointers ... What if we, at the time when we are most confused, acknowledge our own darkened glass and stared into it a while? What might it teach us if we focused on knowing our obstacles rather than just wishing they would go away?

What if, at the time we are most in discord and chaos, we noticed our body, our thinking, our emotions as a compassionate observer, turning the attention ever to ourselves and away from any other we see as the cause of our dilemma. What if, at just that moment we most want someone to blame, we choose being with our feelings rather than projecting them on someone else? Instead of diving into anger and self-criticism for what we see as failure to be at peace with our situation, what if we made a different choice?

Someone once said to me that the hardest thing to do is change what you are doing now. I have experienced that truth in my life. It is astonishing to me to realize how many times I have chosen to remain in blame or victim-hood, simply because it was what I knew. It took great courage to step outside that pattern of living and I know the challenges involved in doing so.

What can help us release negative patterns? Some of the tools that have helped me toward enlightenment and helped me re-program my mind and let go of non-progressive, limiting thinking include subliminal, hypnosis, paraliminal and binaural beat tapes and cds.

Help from the Plant Nation: I have also actively called on the Plant Medicines in essence form, to assist me during personal periods of spiritual challenge. The vibrational energy of flower essences are such that they will literally infuse our fields with the frequency needed. Not to make our confusion go away, or our doubt, or our struggle. Oh, no. But to enable us to see clearly our part in the manifestation, and at the same time, provide grounding energy at the frequency of Mother Earth, for integrating the new awareness into useable form. Using essential oils for natural healing, a practice known as aromatherapy is another potent balancing and healing tool.

Then, whether we are facing a time of spiritual transition where we don't know what next we are to do, or whether we know what we are to do and just lack the energy, patience, confidence will to proceed, plant essences can gently and effectively provide supportive energy of positive change. The Plant Essences can, with pinpoint accuracy, assist whether our predicament involves uncertainty as to the correct path in life or whether we are dealing with feelings of self-hatred, indecision, resentment or even hatred. Seems as good a time as any to say that I'm speaking of legal plant medicines but in areas where marijuana is legal, I have shifted 360 degrees in my ideas about it's use. I'm for it, in moderation and with intent.

If we cannot seem to regain our spiritual strength following trauma or loss, the essences can gently bring to our awareness those submerged feelings that hinder our progress toward regaining our spiritual composure and give us the support for releasing guilt, anger, and resentment.

Take into your body the essence of plants and you take into your field the essence of Mother Earth's vibrational energy. Regular use of Plant Essences will assist you in many seen and unseen ways. The gemstones and the animals also have gifts we can receive in essence form for further awakening our spiritual Selves in new, transformative ways as well as strengthening our auric field and dreamtime. Call on totem, or power, animals to assist you. Utilize crystals and gemstone essences.

.....spiritual enlightenment....what does it mean to you?

Many seem to have a perception of spiritual enlightenment as being a state one reaches where the cares of the world and the ego struggles of the human system are beyond one and where one is able to keep perfect balance and harmony within every aspect of every day, no matter what is going on around one. To me, enlightenment is not near so static as that. It is not a destination but a state of being wherein whatever is going one is viewed as necessary and right for the soul at that moment, regardless of appearances. It is a sense that we can learn from every experience regardless of our reaction to it. Whether we are in ego struggle or harmony, whether we react lovingly or less than lovingly, we can still own our experience, intending always toward progressive growth and behavior, without judging ourselves harshly for those times we appear to act less than enlightened. Owning your experience, and being fully spiritual responsible in it, is far more important a goal to me than getting to some magical point where I no longer have ego struggle or imbalance. Just something to think about.....