More New Stuff

These are jobs recently done, and some not so recent, that I just haven't had time to post.
Again, if anyone out there I've done work for doesn't see their stuff, email me and remind me!
Better yet, send me some nice photos like Glen did of his bike here in Arizona!

Glenn built this bike himself with a War Eagle Frame. This is one awesome looking ride
and really turns heads. Casey did the body work, paint and clear, while I handled all
the artwork and airbrushing. HOK Base of Sunset Pearl graced with my Skull work and Real Fire.

Take one Stock, 2008 Street Glide with Plain, Black Base...Prep, add artwork and Clear. WOW!
The owner of this Bike, Dick Hebenstriet, wanted Dragons and Real Fire all over his new bike.
Aside from altering one painting on the rear right lid, all artwork is original from me. Dick and I
sat down and discussed what kind of scenes to do, and how he wanted the girl on the front fairing.
When it was all done and completed, he was blown away. I can do the same thing on any stock paint.
Your ideas or mine, ask, and you shall recieve!


'69 Sinister Chevy. Russ Ellis - owner. World of Wheels Show Cardinals Stadium 2008.
Here's another truck from Russ Ellis. A really nice 1969 Chevy Truck with all kinds
of upgrades. Body work and Paint by William at Voodoo Fabrication. Flame layout and
airbrushed artwork by myself, and pinstriping by Craig Henkel. Another Show Winner for Russ!
Unfortunately, I think most of the crowd were watching the lovely ladies, and not the truck!

Here's a Dodge Tailgate done up with a Lord of the Rings theme. This artwork is all original,
"outta my head" stuff. I've read the Lord of the Rings many, many times growing up, so I have
alot of images in my head. Not that the movie wasn't bad, it was awesome. But sometimes, you
want something no one else has.


Here's a fix I did for a local Phoenix Policeman, Jeff.
His bike had a dent in the rear fender, and after fixing it
he asked if an illustration could be added, rather than just
re-doing the flames and pinstripes. No Problem! Looks like
it was there all the time, and not just added!



I'll be adding more projects to this page when I get photos.
So check back soon and see what's up and new!

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