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Scanner Frequencies

This collection of scanner frequencies is by no way complete so if you have any frequencies just e-mail them to us. If you are e-mailing frequencies as a file attachment please send the file in Microsoft Word format only Please

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Frequencies Submitted by our visitors

Canadian Frequencies American Frequencies
Saskatchewan R.C.M.P. frequencies and 10-codes
Saskatchewan Ambulance Frequencies
Regina City police frequencies and codes
Winnipeg emergency services
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Emergency Services
Vancouver Police and Fire Departments
Canadian Railroads
Canadian Marine VHF radio
Canada Post
Casino Niagara
Ski Patrol
Sport arenas and stadiums
Halifax Police and Fire departments
Columbus, Ohio Emergency Services
United States Postal Inspection Service
Flint, Michiagn Emergency Services
Federal Emergency Managment Agency
Penn. state game commission
Minot, North Dakota Police and Fire departments
Missouri frequencies
Washington State Patrol
Seaworld Theme Parks
Internal Revenue Service
Search and Rescue Operations
Broward County, Florida Police and rescue
Alaska Frequencies
Reno, Nevada Frequencies
Louisville/Shelbyville Kentucky Frequencies
United States Navy Blue Angels
Toledo, Ohio Frequencies
Minneapolis/St. Paul Frequencies
Drug enforcement agency
Eastern Iowa Frequencies
Chicago police and fire departments
California Highway Patrol
Caesar's Indiana Gambling boat
Houston, Texas police
Immigration +Naturalization Service
Las Vegas Police Department
Las Vegas Casinos
Nevada Highway Patrol
Film Crews
Connecticut Frequencies
North Carolina Highway Patrol
Philadelphia Police Departmant
Virginia State Police
Royal Carribean Cruise Lines
Carnival Cruise Lines
Princess Cruise Lines
Other Cruise Lines
Will County, Illinois
New York City Police Department
Longview, Texas
Hammond, Indiana
Area 51 air force base
Department of Transportation
6 Flags theme park Magic Mountain, California
Santa Cruz county California
La Mesa, California Police
Detroit MGM Grand Casino
San Francisco Trunked Radio system
Other Frequencies
cordless telephone
450 Air to Ground Telephone
C.B. Radio
Baby Monitors
Family Two Way Radio
Coast Guard (Canadian and American)
MIR space station
Wireless Microphones
Fast Food Restraunt Drive Thru windows
Cordless phones
900 MHz Cordless phones
NHRA auto racing Frequencies
NHL Hockey Teams
'Dot' Frequencies
Television Audio
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