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Area 51 Frequencies

Roving Security Patrols in vehicles142.200
Security backup frequency141.500
Base Station frequency409.025
Ground Intrusion Sensors496.25 496.275496.300
Video Surveillance Perimeter Cameras210.010
Groom Lake AWACS Frequencies ("Darkstar")376.200391.800
Dreamland Frequencies 118.700126.150253.400255.800 261.100392.100
Groom Lake 554th Range Group238.300259.400268.200 293.500389.100
EG&G Co. (Contractor) ("Janet")153.050464.500464.550 469.500469.550
Project Skunkworks252.400264.100264.600275.200 283.700289.400292.100345.400 349.300379.900382.600407.400407.500
Unknown use but reported 167.700
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