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Your scanner Questions

Scanner Questions

Question 1

I have a Bearcat 205 (similar to the 200, I believe) and I've lost the instruction book.
I have two questions:
1)what are the steps to setup a single frequency in a bank of channels
Program the frequency into each of the channels in the bank
2)how do I set up to scan a range of frequencies (all that I recall is that it involves the buttons on the lower, right portion of the keypad.
There should be two arrow buttons on the scanner that put the scanner into search mode. First you press manual and key in the frequency that you want to start searching from and then press the up arrow button. When you hit the end of the range you hit down to search down to the begginning of range. Keep doing this until you hear what you want.

Question 2

I have a BC100XLT that seems to need repairs on a regular basis, usually
every 12 or so months. This time, it scans but there is no sound when
it stops on an active freq. also the display light doesn't work.


It depends on how much the repairs cost. The 100XLT has 100 channels but cannot get anything above 512 MHz. The street price of the 100XLT runs between $125.00 and $150.00
If the repairs are inexpensive then go for it.

Question 3

I currently own a Radio Shack's PRO-43. I have a problem. I want to listen to the mobile and cellular phone conversations. I have a paper which reads and directs that if I do some modifications on the third circuit board of the set I can enable the set to listen what I want. It's about changing the diode D4 position to D3 and leave D4 position without the diode. I was successfully able to reach at the third board BUT I could not find d4 at it's place. There were just D1 and D2 soldered there at their respective places. D3, D4 and D5 was not there. I know that it is standard that D1, D2 and D4 should be there BUT D4 was not there and my set is
not carching the required and desired frequencies.


The Modification that you described only works in the R.S. Pro-43 model scanners made before 1993. The scanner you describe must have been after 1993 and cannot be modified.

Question 4

Do you have any info on RCMP frequencies in Nova Scotia & New Brunswick?


The RCMP in Atlantic Canada use a frequency band starting at 421.025 MHz and ending at 427.0875 MHz.

Question 5

I am using a Realistic Pro-2006. How do I find out what freq. a construction crew is using on the Motorola hand held radios. I have contacted the company and they tell me they dont know. Is there a list published with all freq. on it.


The best way to get the frequencies that you need to monitor the construction crew is to get a local frequency guide such as Monitor America or Police Call these guides have several editions for many regions of the United States. Or you can send an e-mail to to get the frequencies you need.

Question 6

I was wondering if you had any info on listening to the nextel communicator????


The Nextel Communicator is a combination Digital PCS Phone and a Digital trunking band two way radio. Due to the passing of H.R. 2369 The Wireless Privacy Protection Act It is now illegal in the United States to decode and monitor these devices.

Question 7

I hear 2 types tone bursts frequently, and I'm curious what they are. The first is a 1-2 second burst of monophonic tone of what roughly sounds like Morse code. It's hard to discern if they are dots and dashes; they tend to sound about all the same - like all 'dots'. The second is a 1 second burst of polyphonic tones. It sounds like a speeded-up Touch Tone phone dialing a number. Perhaps it's a pager transmission (?) Both of these are almost always around Police channels.


You are probably getting intermod from a paging transmitter. If there is a paging transmitter 21.4 MHz below the police frequencies that you are trying to monitor then that's what you are getting.

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