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Princess Cruises

FrequencyShipChannel Assignment
161.4500Island PrincessF1 Captian to Crew
161.3500Island PrincessF2 Princess Shore tours
156.8000Island PrincessF3
156.3000Island PrincessF4
469.9250Island PrincessPrincess Paging
049.9250Island PrincessShip Generated carrier
169.2450Island PrincessWireless Mic
167.3950Island PrincessWireless Mic
168.0000Island PrincessWireless Mic
156.3000Royal Princess Ch 06 intership
156.7500Royal PrincessCh 15 Ship to Tenders
156.8000Royal Princess Ch 16 Emergency
161.4500Royal PrincessF1 - Repeater Linked
161.3500Royal PrincessF2
457.5500Royal PrincessRepeater for onboard
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