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Scanner Accessories

The Editiors of this site have decided that the following accessories are the most useful to scanner users

Scanner Frequency Guide

In order to get the most enjoyment from your scanner you need to know what frequencies are active in your area. In fact if you don't have a frequency guide book you need to run not walk to get one. The store where you bought your scanner will be able to provide you with a scanner Frequency guide book

Headphone adapter

Tired of plugging a pair of stereo headphones into you scanner and only getting sound out of one speaker? Get this adapter that sends the mono audio output of your scanner to both speakers of a pair of stereo headphones (Electronic Stores)

Metal "Whip" Antenna

The "Rubber Duckie" Antennas that come with portable handheld scanners are limited as to what they can recieve. A Metal antenna with it's greater surface area can make some noisy transmissions come in a lot more clearly. (Electronic Stores)


With a new generation of cordless phones and some police transmissions now scrambling voices before transmission you need a scanner descrambler to hear what is being spoken. (Mail order)

External speaker

The sound quality that comes from your scanner's internal speaker is usually not that good often muffled the sound can be hard to understand. With an external speaker hooked up to your scanner the sound will be clearly heard. (Electronic Stores)

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