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Las Vegas Metro Police
159.030Tactical channe 2
159.090Car to Car
159.150Information, Detectives
159.090Southeast Patrol
158.970Southwest Patrol
158.745Northeast Patrol
159.210Car to Car, vice, Narcotics
159.030Northwest Patrol
158.790Adminstration, Detectives
156.210Car to Car
156.030Search and Rescue
460.400Auxiliary Police
460.200Mobile Data Terminals
460.525Mobile Data Terminals
155.370Car to Car
155.475Nationwide Mutual Aid
155.520Car to Car
From Information that I 've gathered from the newsgroup, the police and fire departments in Las Vegas are in the process of switching to a trunked radio system. Here's the Frequencies
855.7125, 856.2625, 856.4375, 856.7125, 856.7625, 857.7625, 858.7625, 859.2625,
859.4625, 859.9375, 860.2625, 860.9375, 856.2125, 857.4875, 860.4375, 860.4875.
Las Vegas Police Radio Codes
401Motor Vehicle Accident
401AHit and Run
401BAccident with Injuries
401CAccident with Property damage
402ZAttempted Arson
404Unknown Problem
405ZAttempted Suicide
406ABurglar Alarm
407ARobbery Alarm
407BRobbery involving tracking Device
407ZAttempted Robbery
409Drunk Driver
410Reckless Driver
411Stolen Motor Vehicle
411ARecovered Motor Vehicle
412Misplaced Motor Vehicle
412BAbandoned Motor Vehicle
413Person with firearm
414AGrand Larceny
414BPetit Larceny
414CLarceny with motor vehicle
414ZAttempted Larceny
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