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NHL Hockey Team frequencies

These frequencies are just a few that I've been able to collect from the Newsgroup and the SCAN-L Scanner Listserv If you have any frequencies for any other NHL teams please send them to me.

Boston Bruins49.860
Buffalo Sabres469.900
Calgary Flames 458.225458.050467.8125467.775
Carolina Hurricanes464.3375
Edmonton Oilers458.3625467.1375
Dallas Stars461.5875461.875465.025
Detroit Redwings464.550
Los Angeles Kings455.000460.000464.5625 464.8125
Vancouver Canucks48.875
New Jersey Devils461.0875
St. Louis Blues466.5375466.8625466.875
New York Rangers467.875458.4125467.825
Philadelphia Flyers49.83049.875
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