California Highway Patrol Frequencies

locationlocal frequenciesCTCSS Tone
Cuyamaca Peak42.1242.20162.2 5B
El Cajon Office42.1242.20162.2 5B
Monument Peak42.1242.20162.2 5B
Tecate Peak42.1242.20162.2 5B
La Habra Hills Gold42.1242.20192.8 7A
Rolling Hills42.1242.20192.8 7A
Mount Lukens42.3642.64192.8 7A
Verdugo Hills Office42.3642.64192.8 7A
Verdugo Peak42.3642.64192.8 7A
Santa Ana Office42.4042.16162.2 5B
Santiago Peak42.4042.16162.2 5B
Geary Hill42.4042.16167.9 6Z
Red Mountain42.4042.16167.9 6Z
South Mountain42.4042.16167.9 6Z
Torrey Hill42.4042.16167.9 6Z
Ventura Office42.4042.16167.9 6Z
Oceanside Office42.4242.84162.2 5A
Boucher Hill42.4242.84162.2 5A
Rancho California Office42.4242.84162.2 5A
Toro Peak42.4242.84162.2 5A
Hauser Peak42.4242.84192.8 7A
Los Pinos Peak42.4242.84192.8 7A
Newhall Office42.4242.84192.8 7A
Banning Office42.4442.28162.2 5A
Snow Peak42.4442.28162.2 5A
Blythe42.4442.28162.2 5A
Blythe Office42.4442.28162.2 5A
Chuckwalla42.4442.28162.2 5A
Cactus City42.4442.28162.2 5A
Indio Office42.4442.28162.2 5A
Baldwin Hills42.4442.76192.8 7A
Castro Peak Pink42.4442.76192.8 7A
Malibu Office42.4442.76192.8 7A
Baldwin Hills Pink42.4442.76192.8 7A
Culver City Office42.4442.76192.8 7A
Central Los Angeles42.4642.70192.8 7A
Elysian Heights Black42.4642.70192.8 7A
Mount Lee42.4642.70192.8 7A
Laguna Hills42.4842.68162.2 5A
Modjeska Peak42.4842.68162.2 5A
San Clemente Hill42.4842.68162.2 5A
San Juan Capistrano Office42.4842.68162.2 5A
Sierra Peak42.4842.68162.2 5A
Westminster Office42.4842.68162.2 5A
Castro Peak42.5042.82192.8 7A
Van Nuys Office42.5042.82192.8 7A
Commerce42.5242.30192.8 7A
Elysian Heights42.5242.30192.8 7A
Montebello Office42.5242.30192.8 7A
Goleta Office42.5442.24167.9 6Z
Box Springs42.5442.24118.8 2B
Ontario Office42.5442.24118.8 2B
Onyx Peak42.5442.24118.8 2B
Santiago Peak42.5442.24118.8 2B
Box Springs Green42.5442.24118.8 2B
Riverside Office42.5442.24118.8 2B
Santiago Peak42.5442.24118.8 2B
Barstow Office42.5642.72118.8 2B
Bristol42.5642.72118.8 2B
Rodman Mountain42.5642.72118.8 2B
Government Peak42.5642.72118.8 2B
Mojave Office42.5642.72118.8 2B
Oak Peak42.5642.72118.8 2B
Twentynine Palms42.5642.72118.8 2B
Needles Office42.5642.72118.8 2B
Parker42.5642.72118.8 2B
Quartzite Peak42.5642.72118.8 2B
Victorville Office42.5642.72118.8 2B
Baldwin Hills42.5642.72192.8 7A
Rolling Hills42.5642.72192.8 7A
San Pedro Hills42.5642.72192.8 7A
Torrance Office42.5642.72192.8 7A
Quartzite Peak42.6042.74118.8 2B
Running Springs42.6042.74118.8 2B
Strawberry Peak42.6042.74118.8 2B
Little Mountain42.6042.74118.8 2B
Onyx Peak Copper42.6042.74118.8 2B
San Bernardino Office42.6042.74118.8 2B
Mount Soledad42.8842.66162.2 5B
San Diego Office42.8842.66162.2 5B
Baldwin Park Office42.8842.66192.8 7A
Johnstone Peak42.8842.66192.8 7A
La Habra Peak42.8842.66192.8 7A
Boulder Peak42.9242.74162.2 5B
El Centro Office42.9242.74162.2 5B
Monument Peak42.9242.74162.2 5B
Black Mountain42.9242.74162.2 5B
Winterhaven Office42.9242.74162.2 5B
Clark Mountain72.2675.98 None
Red Remote75.6472.12None
Orange Remote75.7872.46None
Iron Mountain75.9272.02None
White Remote75.9872.02None
Purple Extender154.695155.445167.9 6Z
Purple Remote954.50958.10None
Yucca Valley956.65953.05118.8 2B
CHP Glossary of Commonly Used Abbreviations
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