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Saskatchewan RCMP Frequencies and codes

Montioring the RCMP in Saskatchewan- Although the dreaded fleetnet 800 (EDACS trunked radio system) system has been phased in by some detachments in the province, VHF repeaters are still in use. For rural areas program the frequencies for the towns closest to your location into your scanner. When Fleetnet 800 is fully implemented by the RCMP in Saskatchewan I'll add the talkgroup information as it becomes available.


ChaplinCreightonHumbolt KamsackLangenburgNipawinSturgis
Indian Head


AmuletBalcarresCarrot RiverChamberlin EstevanLaniganLLoydminster PellyPrince Albert
Qu'AppelleRadvilleRosternSaskatoon Swift CurrientWeyburn Yorkton
DelisleNorth Battleford


AssiniboiaCabriCarnduffConsulCorman ParkCraikCross LakeCut KnifeEastend
EstevanEstonFoam LakeGlaslyn GravelbourgGreen LakeHanley KelvintonKyleLanigan
Little PineLloydminsterLumsdenMacoun MaidstoneMankotaMaple Creek Meadow LakeMooseminMossbank
OutlookPellican NarrowsPine HousePonteixPrince AlbertRadvilleRose ValleyRosetown Saskatoon
SmeatonSoutheyStoney RapidsStrasburgTorquayUnityVal MarieVondaWadenaWarman


Big RiverFoam Lake
ItunaLangenburgMooseminNipawin Prince AlbertQu'AppelleRosternSaskatoon


Blaine LakeBoharmBroadviewCactus LakeCanoraCarmichaelElbow EstevanHanleyItuna
KamsackKerrobertKindersleyKipling LloydminsterMaidstoneMelfortMelvilleMoose JawMorse
NaicamNorth BattlefordOnion LakePellySaskatoonShellbrookSpiritwoodSt. PhillipsSturgis
Swift CurrentTisdaleTurtlefordWeyburn Wynyard


AssiniboiaAvonleaBalcarresBengough Birch HillsCabriCarlyleCarnduff CoronachElbow
EstevanGoodeveGoodsoilGravelbourgGull LakeHudson BayItunaKelvingtonKipling La Ronge
LloydminsterLoon LakeLumsdenMaple Creek MelvilleMilestone Moose Jaw MossbankNorth BattlefordOutlook
PiercelandPilot ButtePorcupine PlainPrince AlbertRadisson ReginaRose ValleyRosternShaunavonSouthey
Swift CurientTisdaleVondaWakaWarman YorktonZehner

RCMP Radio 10 codes

10- 1Signal Weak
10- 2Signal Good
10- 3Stop Transmitting
10- 4Affirmative (OK)
10- 5Relay (to)
10- 6Busy
10- 7Out of Service
10- 8In Service
10- 9Say Again
10-11Roadside Check (Vehicle,Location,Plate)
10-12Standby (Stop)
10-13Existing Conditions
10-15Message Delivered
10-16Reply to Message
10-19(In) Contact
10-21Call ___ by Phone
10-23Arrived at Scene
10-24Assignment Complete
10-25Report to (Meet)
10-26Estimated Time of Arrival
10-27Licence/Permit Info
10-28Ownership Info
10-29Record Check (Per/Veh/Boat/CNI-CRS File)
10-30 ADANGER/CAUTION - Armed and Dangerous
10-30 CDANGER/CAUTION - Contagious Disease
10-30 EDANGER/CAUTION - Escapee
10-30 MDANGER/CAUTION - Mental
10-30 SDANGER/CAUTION - Suicidal
10-30 VDANGER/CAUTION - Violent
10-32Units needed (Specify number, type)
10-33Help Me Quick
10-35Off Duty
10-36On Duty
10-40Possible Hit Persons/Vehicle/Property
10-41Possible Hit Now Confirmed
10-42Pers/Veh in SIP Category (Observation)
10-43Person in Parole Category
10-44Person in Charged Category
10-45Person in Elopee Category
10-46 DPerson in Prohibited Category -Driving
10-46 FPerson in Prohibited Category -Firearms
10-46 HPerson in Prohibited Category -Hunting
10-46 LPerson in Prohibited Category -Liquor
10-60Danger - Police Hater
10-61Station Calling - Identify
10-62Unauthorized Listeners
10-63Tow Truck Required (Location)
10-64Ambulance Required - Location
10-65Escort (Prisoner/Mental)
10-68Breathalyzer Required
10-69CPIC Entry - 24 Hour Suspension
10-70Update Status (Are You OK)
10-71Complaint Dispatch
10-72Armed Robbery
10-73Alarm (Location)
10-74False Alarm (Confirmed)
10-76On Portable
10-77At Residence
10-78At Office
10-79Slow Computer Response
10-80Subject - Probation Category
10-81Record - Violence
10-82Record - Robbery
10-83Record - Weapons
10-84Record - Break and Enter
10-85Record - Auto Theft
10-86Record - Theft
10-87Record - Drugs
10-88Record - Fraud
10-89Record - Sex
10-90Record - Other Criminal Code
10-91Record - Federal Statutes
10-92Record - Other Statutes
10-93VIP Surveillance
10-94CISS Subject
10-95Fail to Appear
10-96No Convictions
10-97Record - Driving Conviction
10-98Meal Break
10-99Coffee Break
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