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Map of San Francisco

San Francisco Trunked Radio System

Type: Motorola Type II
Sys ID: 2103




TG #Description
880Police Narcotics 1 digital
912Police Narcotics 2 digital
944Police Narcotics 3 digital
976Police Narcotics 4 digital
1008Police Narcotics 5 digital
12848Police Department A1
12864Police Department A2
12880Police Department A3
12944Police Department A4
12976Police Department A5
13008Police Department A6 Southern Command
13040Police Department A7
13072Police Department A8 Mission Command
13104Police Department A9
13136Police Department A10 Northern Command
13168Police Department A11
13200Police Department A12
13232Police Department A13
13264Police Department A14
13296Police Department Al5
13328Police Department A16 Event
14800Fire Department Al
14832Fire Department A2
14864Fire Department A3
14896Fire Department A4
14928Fire Department A5
14960Fire Department A6
14992Fire Department A7
15056Fire Department A8
15088Fire Department A9
15120Fire Department A10
15152Fire Department A11
15184Fire Department Al2
15216Fire Department A13
15248Fire Department A14
15280Fire Department A15
15312Fire Department A16
15344Fire Department B8
15376Fire Department 19
15408Fire Department B10
15440Fire Department B12
15472Fire Department B8
15504Fire Department B9
15536Emergency Medical Services 1
15568Emergency Medical Services 2
15600Emergency Medical Services 3
15632Emergency Medical Services 4
15856Sheriff Al
15888Sheriff A2
15920Sheriff A3
15962Sheriff A4
15984Sheriff A5
16016Sheriff A6
16048Sheriff A7
16080Sheriff A8
16112Sheriff A9
16144Sheriff A10
16176Sheriff Al1
16208Sheriff Al2
16240Sheriff Al5
16272Sheriff Al6
16432Parking & Traffic Al
16528Parking & Traffic A3 Traffic Signals
16592Parking & Traffic A5
16624Parking & Traffic A6
16912Recreation & Parks Al
16944Recreation & Parks A2
16976Recreation & Parks A3
17008Recreation & Parks A4
17040Recreation & Parks A5
17840SF State University 1
17872SF State University 2
17904SF State University 3
18032UC San Francisco PD 1
18064UC San Francisco PD 2
18096UC San Francisco PD 3
49104Public Health
50000Sheriff Command Center
50416Police administration
61808Power Control
64656Public Works 23
64688Public Works 22
64720Public Works 21
64752Public Works 20
64784Public Works 19
64816Public Works 18
64848Public Works 17
64880Public Works 16
64912Public Works 15 Wastewater Treatment
64944Public Works 14
64976Public Works 13
65008Public Works 12 Streets
65040Public Works 11
65072Public Works 10 Supervisors
65104Public Works 9 Supervisors
65136Public Works 8 Emergency
65168Public Works 7 Engineering Architecture
65200Public Works 6 Public Services common
65232Public Works 5 Water Pollution Control
65264Public Works 4 Building Repair Bureau
65296Public Works 3 Street & Sewer Repair
65328Public Works 2 Street Cleaning & Environmental Services Bureau
65360Public Works 1 Control (Dispatch)
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