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Hazards Of Dimensional Travel

Hazards of Dimensional Crossing
A character who travels quickly through dimensions must be careful. In passing through dimensions faster than 2 dimensions per round the character can create a "dreaded, interdimensional Road of Repetition", a mobius road or time loop where it is impossible to stop or turn back. Once caught on this Road, the victim can even see himself, repeated on the opposite side of the loop, traveling along. If the victim collides with himself, all is lost.

A character who leaves the Road may drift in Limbo forever as no spells or powers work once the victim loses contact with the Road.

The Road can be shattered by a mighty magical attack, as Doctor Strange did with his amulet but this can catapult the character into The "Realm of Non-Existence", a sort of negative dimension that rips the character into 2 individuals, a "positive" and a "negative" self. A character will drift in this "realm" until the 2 selves find each other and reunite to become whole.

The Effect of Dimension Travel on the Human Mind
The human mind is a frail thing when confronted by a reality that contradicts the senses and what we believe to be constant physical laws. Some dimensions are so bizarre in their existence that they can seriously challenge a character's sanity. This challenge presents itself in 1 of 2 forms: sanitybending and sanity-threatening. The character can resist the danger by making successful Reason FEAT rolls.

When a character is performing a dimension crossing the Judge will have to randomly roll each non-specific dimension the character crosses.
Both Sanity-Bending and Sanity-Threatening checks are not necessary after the character has either spent an extended period of time in the dimension (2 days at least) or has visited the dimension at least 4 times previously.

Once a character fails his Reason FEAT and his sanity is affected, no further Reason FEAT checks are necessary for the affected character in that dimension. The character automatically recovers when the duration of effect expires.

Sanity-Bending: The character becomes extremely disoriented. The character must make a Reason FEAT roll each time he enters an unfamiliar dimension and once a day while he is in the dimension. A failed roll means that the character's sanity is suffering. The character behaves as if successfully attacked by 1 of the spells listed below. The Judge controls the effect of the spell on the character as it reflects the dimension he has entered and the theme of the Judge's scenario. If a spell rank is required for the effect, the Judge chooses the spell rank---In(40) is suggested as the upper limit.

Effect Similar to the Character Suffering from this Power
Sanity-Threatening: This is identical to Sanity-Bending, except the Reason FEAT check is made with a penalty of -2CS and, at least in the 1st excursion through a new dimension, the checks are twice as frequent.