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A cult is a group or sect bound together by devotion to or veneration of the same person, ideal, or thing.

Cults have always existed in the history of the Marvel Universe. There have always been those cults that deal in the mystic arts. In modern times, the term cult has come to represent a group of fanatics, who are usually evil, that wish to increase their own power or influence by supporting and promoting their beliefs and leader.

The cults dealt with here are somehow connected with the world of magic in the Marvel Universe. While most of them have suffered defeat, it is probable that they still exist in the world, as this type of evil seldom goes away completely.

Cults are often used by many of the more powerful daemons, like Dormammu, Shuma-Gorath, Satannish, and Sligguth, because the worship of mortals somehow channels energy from the individuals themselves, and possibly from the mortal's dimension, to the daemons. Cultists are also useful pawns in many mystical schemes, Dormammu himself is so extensively worshipped in so many dimensions that it is now impossible to completely destroy him, as his worshippers keep him constantly growing with their blind faith.

So, too, does Mephisto keep reappearing on Earth, because there are always people who support evil, by their very greed, avarice, and actions as much as by any conscious form of worship.

The following cults are some of the most powerful and dangerous to be found in the chronicles of Doctor Strange: