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Sorcerers Supreme

"All the dimensions---each nebulous Netherworld which exists either in time or in space---either as matter, or as a fathomless void---such were given over into the eternal deathless keeping of the Living Tribunal. Yet in each self-contained cosmos, by celestial design, there was 1 being who was the supreme master of sorcery---and only 1!"

Many powerful beings control the affairs and balance of the Marvel Universe, but of these only the Living Tribunal regularly decides if an entire dimension should be destroyed so as to not unbalance the others. A big part of this decision making process depends on the Sorcerer Supreme of that dimension. When the Earth dimension started to radically tip in favor of evil, as the result of a powerful out-side influence, Doctor Strange had to prove he could bring it back into balance. Whereas the probability of a hero ever handling this task alone is infinitesimally small, he may be called on to assist the Sorcerer Supreme. A Judge could build quite a series of adventures, with this 1 underlying theme connecting them all.

As mentioned before, and confirmed by the above statement, there is only 1 Sorcerer Supreme in every dimension. 1 of the major responsibilities of the Sorcerer Supreme is to defend his dimension from mystical invasion or hostile exploitation. In dimensions other than Earth's, the task of the Sorcerer Supreme is made easier by the fact that the Sorcerer Supreme is often also the ruler of the realm and thus does not rely only on his own power, as Doctor Strange does.

While Sorcerer Supremes usually battle each other, they may wish to "probe" or "weaken" their future opponent through raids by minions of lesser power. Sometimes it is up to the student(s) of the Sorcerer Supreme to handle these lesser opponents.

Sorcerers Supreme & Rulership: In many dimensions of the Marvel Universe, the ruler or monarch of the dimension is also the Sorcerer Supreme. These rulers often draw considerable power from their subjects in addition to possessing vast power of their own. Dormammu, Umar, and Clea are the best known examples of such rulers, but others are listed in this Encyclopedia and in the Codex of the Magi. Many of these are evil rulers seek to conquer Earth. For reasons that are not always clear, evil rulers such as Dormammu prefer to work through lackeys like Baron Mordo or evil cults rather than act directly. In game terms, when dimensional rulers leave their own realms to intervene in other dimensions, the Judge should apply a 1CS to all their spell ranks. What this represents is not necessarily a reduction in the ruler's actual power, but rather it is the combined effect of all reasons that cause these beings to normally work through lackeys.