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Dimension Travel

Dimension Travel is the process of leaving the space of our universe and entering that of another one, accomplished by physical, psychic, psionic, or magical means. The magical means of dimension travel are unknown to all but a few.

While magic is not the only way to enter another dimension, it is the most commonly used method. There are 3 types of magical dimension travel:
  1. direct dimensional apertures,
  2. traveling across dimensions,
  3. and astral travel.
Dimensional Apertures: These open from 1 dimension directly into another, such as from the Earth dimension into the 6th Dimension (this aperture is supplied by the Screaming Idol, see Magical Items section). The Dimensional Aperture spell is capable of establishing such a direct link between dimensions.

FEAT Rolls: A magic wielder with a Dimensional Aperture spell can easily open an aperture between the caster's home dimension and an alien dimension that is familiar to the caster. A dimension can be considered familiar if the caster has made at least 4 round trips to and from that dimension or he has spent at least 2 days in the dimension. If the desired destination is not familiar to the caster he must make a successful spell rank FEAT roll to open the mystic gateway. If the FEAT roll fails, the caster cannot open a direct aperture: he must either wait a day and try again or attempt to reach his destination through dimensional crossing.

Magical Items & Dimensional Apertures: If a character is using 1 of the many magical items that opens directly into a specific dimension, then his arrival is instantaneous (no FEAT roll needed). If the item creates a dimensional aperture that is not linked to a specific dimension, treat it as if the user had cast the dimensional aperture spell.

Dimension Crossing: This is the term applied to seeking a specific dimension by going from 1 dimension to another until the traveler finds the 1 he seeks. This applies to characters who are traveling to unfamiliar dimensions, to characters who failed a FEAT roll when attempting to open a direct aperture, to characters involved in a trans-dimensional pursuit, etc. To leave the Earth dimension a character must use a dimensional aperture to escape the Earth dimension to another one, then travel from there through other dimensions to the desired destination.

Dimensional Beacons: If the character attempting dimensional travel is of lesser rank than Master, some form of "beacon" must be maintained within the user's dimension so he can find his way back again. Doctor Strange and the Ancient One once formed a bridge of Elemental Thought that allowed the good Doctor to bypass many dimensions and go straight to the one he desired. On many occasions Doctor Strange has used a lit candle or his own amulet to provide a path of light back to his own dimension. A beacon allows the traveler to return to his own dimension with ease (no FEAT roll needed) even if he passes through unfamiliar dimensions on the way. If the beacon is extinguished, the traveler becomes lost and must travel through dimensions at random until he finds a familiar one.

Travel Distance and Movement Speed: For game purposes the distance between any 2 dimensions is measured in the dimensions themselves. The placement of the dimensions is a random task filled by the Judge rolling 2 dice and adding them together to determine the number of dimensions the player character has to travel before arriving at the right one. This means that the character must pass through from 2 to 20 dimensions. The rate of Earth time spent in passing through these dimensions depends on the character's normal movement speed. Consider a dimension as equal to 3 areas for movement rate. Therefore, if a character has a normal movement rate of 3 areas per round, he can move through 1 dimension per round. This represents a greatly accelerated speed used only for dimensional travel. A character must fully concentrate on his movement to pass through dimensions at this rate. He is allowed no use of universal or dimensional powers while he is moving through dimensions.

If a character encounters another character or creature within another dimension the movement rate for both parties reverts to normal within the dimension.

Astral Travel: The astral plane, which is a separate dimension, seems to run through most dimensions.

A character who does not have the Dimensional Aperture spell (but who does have the Astral Projection spell) can enter the dimensions listed in the Mystic's Encyclopedia by projecting his astral form and simply following the astral plane into those dimensions, if he goes through a nexus point. While the limit on the amount of time a character's astral form can be "out-of-the-body" before damage occurs remains the same, it must be remembered that time passes at different rates in different dimensions (Judge's Discretion).

The Judge may assign certain nexus points to the city, state, or country that a hero occupies. Nexus points are always difficult to reach and are sometimes downright dangerous. Usually myths and legends grow around the nexus points, such as the Bermuda Triangle, haunted sites, hallowed burial grounds, and the like. These nexus points will offer immediate access to other dimensions through the use of Astral Projection.