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Concentrating On Magical Power

The importance of a magic wielding character's concentration and study for the use of magic cannot be overstated. This is why some forces, such as sonics, are so devastating to magic wielders, because they disrupt the ability to concentrate and find the flow of the natural forces.

Disruption: The Judge should designate 1 or 2 forces that disrupt the use of magic. Possibilities include sonics, the Darkforce, Mn(75) (and greater) physical damage, and the like. A magic wielder or item in an area where this force exists suffers a 1CS.

Disruption is different from distraction in that distraction only delays spellcasting due to special circumstances that the caster has some ability to influence (such as rescuing someone in danger) while disruption is more serious and has longerlasting effects. Judges should not use both disruption and distraction in the same situation.