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Magic vs. Science

"There is a distant relationship between the energies of science and those of sorcery, but my power over the former is limited."---Doctor Strange

It is difficult to defeat intelligent, independent machines with sorcery. Unless specifically stated, as in the Mesmermechanism spell, robots, androids, computers, etc., cannot be affected by magical spells that normally affect the mind or body of living beings. A Healing spell will not reattach a robot's arm, an illusion of a wall will not affect a machine with sensors, unless those sensors are hooked to a human brain, as in the case of a cyborg, Charming a tank would not work, nor would Tongues allow a magic wielder to converse with a computer, though he could read the print outs of a computer if it is in a non-machine language. For the most part, magic is most effective on organic beings.