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Group Spells

Each of the following spells is found in the Dimensional Spells List. Each contains 5 spells, most of which are also found under the personal or universal Spell lists. For more information on the use of group spells, please see the HOW SPELLS ARE CAST section.

Disguise: This group of spells all help the user to disguise himself. They include Alteration - Appearance, Chameleonic Coloring, Glamor, Growing, and Shrinking.

Eldritch Attacks: This group of spells are all Eldritch attack spells. They include Eldritch Beams/Bolts, Eldritch Blast, Eldritch Breath, Eldritch Crystals, and Eldritch Flames.

Passing: This group of spells all help the user to pass through or around obstacles. They include Admittance, Alteration - Bone, Astral Projection, Density Control - Self, and Transformation.

Pishogue: This spell takes its name from a kind of magic used in Irish tales of magic and faeries. This group of spells has a similar effect and includes Confusion, Fear, Forgetfulness, Mesmerism, and Paralyze.

Scrying: This group of spells all help the user by gaining information. They include Enchanted Eye, Foretelling, PostCognition, Sensing - Clairaudience, and Sensing - Clairvoyance.

Sensing: This group of spells also helps the user by gaining information, often warning him of a threat to himself. They include Sensing - Danger, Sensing - Evil, Sensing - Fields, Sensing - Identity, and Sensing - Mystical Detection.

Thaumaturgy: This group of spells allows the user various types of attacks, some that are more designed to capture than harm. They include Bands, Curse, Net, Trap, and Wave.

Witchery: This group of spells all affect others. They include Density Control - Others, Growing - Others, Healing - Others, Invisibility - Others, and Shrinking - Others.