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With this spell, the caster can weave an enchanted curse around an opponent. If the spell rank FEAT roll is successful, the curse will remain with the opponent for the duration of effect. The duration of this spell is unusual; a curse cannot exceed Am(50) duration (1 month), even if the caster's spell rank exceeds Am(50).

When a curse is attempted, the target can avoid it by making a successful Psyche FEAT roll. If the curse takes effect, the victim can make 1 Psyche FEAT roll per day to attempt to break it; a successful FEAT roll means the curse is broken. The target will not know who attacked him, regardless of whether or not the curse is successfully cast.

A curse negatively modifies all of the opponent's actions and spells by a 1CS(plus or minus, as long as it works against the opponent). No more than 1 curse can normally be placed on a character. The exception is the use of the Link spell, whereby up to 2 curses can be placed on 1 opponent, but they cannot, totally, exceed the effect of a -2CS modifier lasting 1 month.

The Judge can decide to allow curses that have different effects instead of column shifts, such as: temporary aging; warts and boils; etc., but no curse can cause the death of a character.