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The caster can, upon a successful spell rank FEAT roll, magically turn his body into another substance, retaining his own shape.
Type of Transformation
In his altered form, the caster may assume the properties of that material: water flows, energy travels at the speed of light, fire ignites flammable materials, and so on. If the form is solid or sonic, the caster can use its material rank as Body Armor.
Darkforce: A caster who transforms himself into the Darkforce can drain Health points equal to the spell rank by touching or enveloping the victim. This requires the use of dimensional energy.

Energy: There are many options available: solar, electrical, various types of radiation, etc.

Note: The Judge should assign any special abilities that are unique to the particular energy's nature.

Fire and/or Heat: The caster has limited Body Armor equal to the spell rank against weapons that melt or burn. The grasp of a character transformed into fire causes damage equal to the spell rank number and can ignite flammable items.

Gas: The caster decides on whether he wishes to be air, smoke, toxic gas, etc. Nothing affects the gaseous caster that would not normally effect gas (but his mind can be attacked by mental spells).

Ice: The caster can freeze anything freezable. His grasp causes damage equal to the spell rank number, when he is transformed.

Metal or Mineral: p;Among the options are sand, steel, diamond, etc. The caster tranforms into a magical Mineral Body.

Sound The caster's body can be composed of "living sound", very similar to the villain Klaw. He has mass, so he can be touched or hit, but the only environment he needs is some type of matter around him, a medium through which sound can travel. Sonic attacks will have no effect on him.

Water: The caster can retain his body shape, or collapse and flow through small openings and cracks. Body Armor also equals spell rank because attacks pass right through him (except for heat attacks, which cause full damage or electricity which causes half of its normal damage.). The caster tranforms into a Liquid Body.