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The caster can magically effect other characters' minds and cause them to forget events. This is usually used by heroic magic wielders to protect innocent bystanders from the awesome psychic shock caused by some of the sights to be seen during magical combat, etc. It is also used by most magic wielding characters to protect their secret identities. Evil magicians may also use this spell to cover up their trail or their crimes. The duration of the spell is permanent (unless another sorcerer uses a Revival spell of at least equal spell rank to break the spell of Forgetfulness). The number of people that can be ensorcelled by the spell depends on the spell rank: Gd = 1 person; Ex = up to 5 people; Rm = everyone in 1 area; In = everyone in a 1 mile radius; Am = everyone in a 100 mile radius; Mn = everyone on the planet; Un everyone in 1 dimension; Class 1000 everyone in all dimensions.

Any character with a Psyche equal to or greater than the caster's may make a Psyche FEAT roll to reduce the effects of the spell. Magic wielding characters have a +2CS for this FEAT roll. A green result means that vague recollections of the event sometimes surface in the character's memory. A yellow result means that the character knows most of the highlights of the event, but cannot remember who cast the spell of forgetfulness. A red result means that the character can remember everything.